Academic Exploration Tracks

Medicine & Public Health

Health careers today are integrated, global, and broad. Our Medicine and Public Health Academic Exploration Track prepares students for a wide range of majors and careers in the field of health sciences through a combination of foundational science, math, and social policy coursework as well as insights into current events and trends. Students will also meet with a variety of health professionals to learn more about their career and professional journeys.

Business & Entrepreneurship

The world of business continues to evolve. Management today requires a grasp of finance, marketing, and operations fundamentals as well as collaboration and interpersonal skills. Our Academic Exploration Track introduces students to basic business fundamentals to provide a solid foundation. They will also gain valuable exposure to business topics unique to entrepreneurship such as business plan development and strategy.

Technology & Innovation

Our Technology & Innovation Academic Exploration Track doesn’t just tackle engineering and science fundamentals, it also challenges students to think critically and creatively about today’s most pressing technology-related questions. Students will have exposure to a variety of disciplines within this area to expose them to potential college majors and careers.

Law and Government

The Law and Government Academic Exploration Track gives students a grounding in the fundamentals of our legal system and the political process. Students participating in this track will gain valuable knowledge about constitutional law, regulatory organizations, and criminal justice. In addition, it’s important that students participating in this Track build competencies in legal analysis and writing so there will be projects and exercises to address this skill.

Communication & Writing

In today’s ever changing world, communication and writing remain core fundamental skills. Students participating in the Communication & Writing Academic Exploration Track gain exposure to new media and journalism techniques, topics, and skills, with today’s digital world in mind.


The Psychology Academic Exploration Track exposes students to general psychology topics to help prepare them for careers and majors in this area. Students will review basic cognitive and behavioural psychology topics and gain insight into current news and topics in this exciting area.