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Step into a world where the future seamlessly integrates with rich tradition, in the heart of Asia. Welcome to the Singapore Summer Program at the National University of Singapore (NUS) – a unique journey tailored for high school enthusiasts ready to explore the wonders of this bustling city-state. Dive into Singapore's mesmerizing tapestry of cultures, innovative ventures, and esteemed education at NUS. Immerse yourself, broaden horizons, and forge lifelong connections. Join us to capture the essence of Singapore and embark on an unforgettable adventure of learning and discovery!


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June 30, 2024 July 12, 2024


National University of Singapore
Queenstown, Singapore


Academic Courses

At Summer Springboard, we ardently believe in providing an educational journey that is not only inspiring but also deeply interactive, especially in a city as vibrant as Singapore. Our team has diligently curated courses, field trips, and guest lectures that wholly embrace and spotlight the unparalleled resources of this dynamic city-state. In every conceivable instance, our classes escape the conventional settings and immerse into the unique environments Singapore offers - whether it be outdoors, on-site, or within a lab, ensuring that our students are perpetually engaged through genuine ‘hands-on’ experiences. Field trips and guest speakers elevate the learning journey beyond the typical classroom, unlocking and maximizing the diverse and enriching opportunities available in Singapore’s multifaceted landscape.

In tandem with our academically invigorating morning courses, students relish their afternoons participating in a rich selection of electives, such as Public Speaking, Athletics, College Admissions, Community Service, Life Skills, and Photography, each sculpted to refine their skills and passions in various realms. Alternatively, they can choose to journey through our 'True You' program, a finely-tuned exploration that delves into recognizing and nurturing one's inherent strengths, addressing weaknesses, and unveiling a spectrum of opportunities amidst our supportive and collaborative learning environment.

Global Business: The Singapore Impact

From day one, students will be immersed in the vibrant world of Asian business. Teams will brainstorm original business ideas suited for the Asian market. Throughout the program, these ideas will be nurtured into viable business plans ready to be pitched to investors. Emphasis will be placed on developing marketing strategies and financial projections that align with the economic realities and consumer trends in Asia.

This experiential learning journey is supplemented by theoretical insights pertinent to the Asian business landscape. The course culminates in a presentation day where teams pitch their business plans to a panel of experts well-versed in Asian markets, receiving valuable, region-specific feedback and advice.

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International Relations: The Singapore Model

This summer, step into the world of international relations with a focus on Singapore’s perspective. You will explore the nuances of foreign policy, international law, and diplomacy, with special emphasis on issues critical to Singapore like maritime security and trade relations. Delve into the socio-historical impacts of global developments, examining human rights, environmental concerns, and more, all through the lens of Singapore’s unique geopolitical stance.

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Psychology & Neuroscience in Singapore

psychology at ucla

Through psychology simulations and hands-on neurology workshops, you will explore the relationships between the brain and human behavior. Whether you are interested in the physical aspect of the brain and central nervous system or more intrigued by human behavior and thought processes, connect with professionals that have a background in both psychology and neuroscience.

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Robotics & Artificial Intelligence


Beginning with an exploration of the core concepts of robotics and AI, students will quickly progress to practical applications. The program emphasizes the development of skills in programming, system design, and ethical considerations in AI, all within a global framework. Teams will work on projects that are not only technologically innovative but also culturally and ethically informed, reflecting the diverse implications of robotics and AI around the world.

Throughout the course, students will engage with a mix of lectures, hands-on workshops, and discussions. These will be supplemented with guest lectures from international experts and case studies from around the globe. The program culminates in a showcase where students present their projects, receiving feedback from a panel of experienced professionals in the field of global robotics and AI.

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Activities & Trips

Unlock the Secrets of Singapore with Summer Springboard’s Exciting Day Excursion!

Delve into the enchanting world of Singapore, where heritage melds seamlessly with futurism, and nature dances in harmony with urbanization. Summer Springboard invites you to an educational adventure meticulously curated to unfold the tales penned by the city's iconic landmarks, the vibrant history, and the staggering architectural feats, all while basking in the eclectic mix of natural and urban landscapes. Explore, learn, and create memories while journeying through the heart of Singapore, painting your canvas with experiences that are not only enriching but also narrate tales of the past, present, and future!

Itinerary: A Saturday of Exploration, Education, and Excitement

Arrive at Esplanade

Your day commences at Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, Singapore’s architectural prodigy, and the pulsating heart of performing arts. Discover how design and function coalesce, and how the venue curates rich cultural experiences, shaping Singapore’s global cultural footprint.

Unveiling the Symbolism of the Merlion

Engage with the myth and symbolism embedded in the iconic Merlion statue. Learn about its half-lion, half-fish design and why it's more than just a statue but a guardian, embodying Singapore’s spirit, history, and multicultural identity.

Marvel at Gardens by the Bay - Super Tree Grove

End your journey amidst the awe-inspiring Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay. Marvel at these towering, tree-shaped vertical gardens, and understand the ingenuity behind these environmental wonders, symbolizing Singapore’s stride toward a sustainable future.

A Stroll Across the Jubilee Bridge

Embark on a scenic walk across the Jubilee Bridge, absorbing panoramic views of Marina Bay, and unravel the stories of unity and progress that bridge symbolizes in Singapore’s journey from past to present.

Timeless Tales at the Cavenagh Bridge

Step onto the Cavenagh Bridge, one of Singapore's oldest and imbued with timeless tales. Explore its architectural nuance and listen to stories of its role in connecting communities and enabling commerce.

What to Expect

A day drenched in explorative learning, narrating tales of history, culture, architectural ingenuity, and natural wonder. Engage with Singapore’s iconic landmarks, unravel the layers of its past, celebrate its present, and envision its sustainable future with your fellow explorers. With knowledgeable guides, curated activities, and thoughtful reflections, weave through a day where learning leaps beyond textbooks, and Singapore’s stories become a vibrant canvas of education and experience.

Join Summer Springboard on a journey where every step is a story, every landmark a classroom, and every moment an opportunity to learn, discover, and be enthralled!

Student Life


Dining will be housed in a private Dinning Hall in Ridge View Towers, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be catered for daily by the University for our students.


Students will be housed at Ridge View Towers in the heart of the NUS Campus. Students will get a taste of college campus life, living in one of the most in-demand dormitories on campus. Students will be housed in clusters of 4 private rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities for each cluster.

Note: Summer Springboard programs are not run by our campus partners. Universities and their affiliated departments are not responsible for the Summer Springboard program in any way.

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