Summer Springboard program for high school students in Paris, France

Campus Overview

Discover Paris and its Latin Quarter, one of the oldest districts in the City of Lights. It is a university district where students and teachers spoke Latin until 1789, hence the name. It has been a hub for intellectuals for centuries and it remains a student neighborhood today as home to the Sorbonne, France's oldest university. Discover the area where Medieval meets Modern through its narrow and winding cobblestone streets and vibrant academic atmosphere.


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June 30, 2024 July 12, 2024


Paris, France


  • "This was one of the most enriching and enjoyable experiences I have ever had over any of my summers. I learned a ton and made so many memories and friendships over the last 2 weeks. I am so sad to leave but I’m happy knowing I had a fulfilling time here!"

    Elizabeth S.

  • "I felt so welcomed by my peers and staff at this program, and I am so excited for a real college experience!"

    Carter G.

Academic Courses

At Summer Springboard we believe learning should be inspiring and interactive. We have worked hard to design courses, field trips, and guest lectures that reflect the resources of the Latin Quarter area. Whenever possible, classes are held outdoors, on-site, or in a lab-type setting to allow students as many ’hands-on’ opportunities as possible. Field trips and guest speakers take the learning experience beyond the classroom and leverage all that Paris has to offer.

In addition to our academic morning courses, students spend the afternoon either in electives (i.e. International Admissions, Photography, Public Speaking, Life Skills, Athletics, Digital Marketing) or doing our True You program which explores elements of one's real self including strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Fashion Merchandising in Paris

Uncover your passion for fashion and explore diverse career opportunities in one of the world’s most renowned fashion cities. Renowned for their rich history of top fashion events, leading designers, and a thriving fashion culture, these cities are legendary and exert tremendous influence in the fashion world. Prepare to use these cities as your living classrooms for an exciting journey of discovery.

Throughout the program, students will have the unique opportunity to learn from industry professionals, focusing on the business aspects of the fashion industry. Dive into the art of presenting brands to the public and gain a comprehensive understanding of this dynamic field. Our all-encompassing program covers a wide range of subjects, including consumer behavior, visual merchandising, product development, retail distribution, advertising, and more, ensuring you have a well-rounded and immersive experience. Get ready for an adventure in the world of fashion!

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Fundamentals of Engineering

materials for engineering class

Engineering is one of the top desired careers in many companies. If you are considering a career in Engineering, this course will help you explore what it takes to be an engineer. We will explore facets of mechanical, structural, civil, and electrical engineering in a hands-on, minds-on approach.

Excursions in Paris – Students will engage with professionals in the industry and have an opportunity to visit one or more engineering firms or sites in the greater Paris area.


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French Culture in Paris

This dynamic and immersive course offers a deep dive into the rich tapestry of French culture, exploring its language, arts, traditions, and contemporary society. Through a captivating blend of lectures, interactive activities, hands-on experiences, and engaging discussions, students will gain a profound understanding of the essence of France. Whether you are a Francophile or simply curious about one of the world’s most influential cultures, this course provides an enriching and enlightening experience.

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World Politics and International Law

  • Are you ready to embark on a thrilling intellectual journey that will transform your understanding of the world? Take a leap into our World Politics and International Law course, an immersive experience designed to empower you with the knowledge and insights needed to navigate the complexities of our globalized society!
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Activities & Trips

Rich in its culture, art, and history, Paris boasts numerous world-renowned attractions. Admire iconic sites on a relaxing Seine River cruise and learn about the Eiffel Tower, Musée d'Orsay, and Notre Dame. Discover centuries of artifacts whilst exploring the Louvre, a universal museum in the heart of the French capital.

Seine River

A delightful and iconic experience that allows you to explore the city's famous landmarks from a unique perspective. You'll typically board a comfortable riverboat from one of the designated piers along the Seine and embark on a leisurely journey through the heart of Paris.

Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum in Paris is a captivating journey through art and history, offering a glimpse into the world's most extensive and renowned art collection.

Eiffel Tower

Seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris is a truly iconic and awe-inspiring experience that captures the essence of the City of Lights. The Eiffel Tower is not just a structure; it's a symbol of Paris and France itself. It represents the city's romantic allure and cultural significance, making it a must-visit for travelers from around the world.

Student Life

Students will be housed at Maison Des Lyceennes, a calm and secure environment located in the heart of the Latin Quarter. A melting pot of nationalities and a captivating neighborhood that combines history, culture, academia, and a lively atmosphere. A place where pupils can immerse themselves in the heart of Parisian life while exploring its rich heritage.


Students live near many of Paris' iconic landmarks. They will dorm in only single rooms and share hallway bathrooms and showers. Breakfast will be on campus.

Your Summer Springboard staff (mentor) will live on your hall to create a community, provide support, plan activities and help you get the most out of your stay. Other members of the Summer Springboard staff also live on campus and are available to support students and tackle emergencies, 24 hours a day.


Students have at their disposal a dining room (with kitchen), a library and in the basement a piano as well as a washer and dryer for laundry.


Breakfast will be on campus. Lunch and dinner will be off-campus to allow students to take full advantage of the plethora of cafes, bistros, and restaurants, offering a wide range of cuisines within the Latin Quarter.

Note: Summer Springboard programs are not run by our campus partners. Universities and their affiliated departments are not responsible for the Summer Springboard program in any way.

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