Engineering & Innovation Track

Behind the structures and products we use in our everyday life, engineers must consider many details before building can commence. Considerations such as weather, budget, materials, and regulations all inform the process. These courses allow you to think like an engineer and create solutions to real world design challenges.

Fundamentals of Engineering Course
This engineering summer program for high school students doesn’t just tackle engineering and science fundamentals, it also challenges students to think critically and creatively about how to design innovative solutions to complex problems. We will explore facets of mechanical, structural, civil, and biomedical engineering in a hands-on, minds-on approach.
Civil Engineering Course
For students who enjoy both inventive and practical skills, civil engineering can be a rewarding career. Case studies will be presented to highlight the role civil engineers play in the well-being of society and a discussion of career options.
Mechanical Engineering Course
Cranes are machines that play a vital role in the various engineering applications and construction industry because they have enough power to move materials of various weights upward, downward and horizontally. Come explore mechanical engineering through the use of cranes at the Summer Springboard program at Cal Poly.
Robotics Course
The rapidly changing field of technology means that jobs are being created that never existed before. Meet with real-world experts, and explore a wide range of careers and academic paths for robotics and engineering majors. Excursions may include research facilities on the forefront of the latest technology innovations.