Civil Engineering Course


The course includes a review of the subdisciplines within Civil Engineering including: structural, water, geotechnical, transportation, construction, and environmental. There will be hands-on building and testing in the laboratory to verify and assess uncertainties of the theory used in practice along with presentations and computer simulations to further explore the oldest branch of engineering.

For students who enjoy both inventive and practical skills, civil engineering can be a rewarding career. Case studies will be presented to highlight the role civil engineers play in the well-being of society and a discussion of career options.

civil engineering - career exploration

Learning Outcomes in this course

Dive deep into one of the oldest engineering disciplines responsible for maintaining society’s infrastructure.

Explore the sub-disciplines within civil engineering: structural, transportation, construction and geotechnical.

Consider costs, government regulations and environmental hazards during the planning and risk-analysis stages of a project.

Review case studies that highlight the role civil engineers play in society, and discuss the variety of career paths.

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