Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the application process?

You can visit our website at to get the application process started online or contact our Admissions Advisors at 858.780.5660 today! An application, $365 program deposit and $30 nonrefundable application fee are required to reserve your space. You can call one of our Admissions Advisors with your credit card information or use our secure online system.

Are all students / applicants accepted?

Acceptance into a Summer Springboard program will be based on a combination of the applicant’s academic achievement, involvement in extracurricular activities, future goals, motivations, expectations and character indicated by the responses to our application questions. Summer Springboard reserves the right to accept or deny any application at their discretion, however the Summer Springboard application is not designed to exclude students from our programs. We encourage all students with an interest in academic exploration, personal development and creating a path for success to apply to Summer Springboard.

Are there age restrictions?

Our programs are for students who are 14 – 18, or incoming freshmen through outgoing seniors. If you are currently in 8th or 12th grade, you can still participate this coming summer.

What sets Summer Springboard apart from other pre-college summer programs?

Summer Springboard is different from other programs. We’ve found a fun and engaging way to give students a strong base foundation to reflect on who they are as an individual and combined it with an exciting academic curriculum where you can learn about and explore new subject areas. Then we tie it all together with tools or “success skills” that will help you reach your full potential and help get you to where you want to go in life. Our innovative 2 week program offers a compelling fusion of academics and self-discovery that gives students the chance to learn, practice and explore their personal and academic interests and passions. You’ll gain personal insight, acquire leadership and success skills, and enjoy a taste of campus living.

In addition, students will also be able to experience some of our nation’s most exciting cities, through local tours, excursions, and volunteer opportunities. Additional events will include guest speakers and social events with the rest of the Summer Springboard program group.

What is your company’s history?

Inspired by our successful sister organizations, Global Leadership Adventures for teens and Discover Corps, Summer Springboard aims to continue on over a decade of experience providing unique and compelling summer experiences for college-bound teens as they look to grow, expand and impact their communities.

What kind of student is Summer Springboard designed for

Summer Springboard is designed for college-bound high school students who want to get a first hand taste of campus living, learn more about their academic and career interests from real world experts, improve their personal leadership skills and create their own unique pathway to happiness and success. Our students are bright and motivated teens from all over the world, who are eager to meet new people and experience new things. This makes for a diverse and exciting community of new friends.

What kind of supervision is provided?

Summer Spring board student-to-staff ratio is at least 8-to-1. All of the Summer Springboard staff have extensive experience working with teens and live in the same residence halls, supervising and providing 24-hour guidance and support.

Will students be safe and secure?

At Summer Springboard, our number one priority is creating a safe and secure environment for our students. Students will remain with program staff at all times. All of our campus locations have been selected based on their distinction for safety and comfort. All program staff go through a rigorous training program to ensure students not only learn, but do so in the safest way possible. Staff are trained in our 5-Point Safety System which ensures that issues are addressed efficiently and safely, and that students, parents, staff, and campus partners are in close communication.

What if I break the Summer Springboard rules?

Every applicant to Summer Springboard and the applicant’s parent/guardian is required to review and sign Code of Conduct Agreement. Breaking the law or any of the rules & policies detailed in the Code of Conduct Agreement will result in immediate dismissal or probation at the discretion of the Summer Springboard staff. If you are on probation and you break another rule, you will be sent home immediately. Please review the Summer Springboard Code of Conduct form carefully.

How much is tuition and what does it cover?

Tuition costs $4,998. Tuition is all-inclusive and includes lodging in an on campus dormitory with linens provided, 3 meals per day in on campus dining locations, a program workbook, t-shirt, all scheduled excursions and activities, all ground transportation while on the program, experienced program directors, 24 hour program staff and customer support hotline. Tuition does not include the cost of airfare to and from the campus location. Tuition also covers curriculum development, staffing and staff-training, instructor expenses, back-end administrative support, risk management and emergency response. Airport pickup and drop-off available for an additional fee.

When is the tuition payment due?

Final tuition is due 30 days after acceptance into the program. If your program start date is less than 60 days away, final tuition is due 1 week after acceptance into the program. Note: a $100 late fee will be assessed if full payment is not received by the due date.

Summer Springboard accepts Visa and MasterCard credit card payments, electronic bank transfers (please contact us for details), and US personal checks and money orders payable in dollars. Checks and money orders should be sent to:

Summer Springboard
10509 San Diego Mission Road, Suite A
San Diego, CA 92108

Are there any scholarships available?

Please contact our Admissions Advisors for more information on scholarship and suggestions for fundraising strategies.

Refunds and Cancellations

What is the refund policy?

All tuition payments, once received, become subject to our refund policy. Depending on the date of the cancellation request, certain portions of the program fees are refundable. If a student withdraws for any reason prior to the program start date, the student’s parent or legal guardian must notify Summer Springboard in writing. The amount of the refund will be calculated according to the date on which Summer Springboard receives this written notification. The refund policy is as follows:

  • Cancellation notices received by 5 months prior to program start date, 100% of tuition paid is refundable, except $30 application fee.
  • Cancellation notices received by 4 months prior to program start date, 75% of tuition paid is refundable, except $30 application fee.
  • Cancellation notices received by 3 months prior to program start date, 50% of tuition paid is refundable, except $30 application fee.
  • Cancellation notices received by 2 months prior to program start date, 25% of tuition paid is refundable, except $30 application fee.
  • Cancellation notices received less than 2 months prior to program start date, 100% of tuition paid and $30 application fee are non-refundable.

If the tuition balance has not been paid in full at the time of cancellation, the above percentages apply to the amount paid as of the date of cancellation.

If an application is not completed within 30 days of deposit, Summer Springboard reserves the right to cancel the application and retain the deposit and any additional funds paid. If your balance is overdue, Summer Springboard reserves the right to cancel the application and retain the deposit and any additional funds paid.

Note: The $30 application fee is always non-refundable. The $365 program deposit is subject to our refund policy.

Where do I stay?

Summer Springboard students will live in an actual university dormitory on one of the country’s top campuses. Just like a college student, you will share a dorm room with roommates, and use a common bathroom. Rooms contain an extra-long twin size bed, desks, drawers, mirror and a closet. Bed sheets and linens will be provided. All rooms are gender-segregated and housing is assigned based on our housing survey, student age and geographic diversity. A Resident Advisor (RA) will live in the same hall to create a community, provide support, plan activities and help you get the most out of your stay. Other members of the Summer Springboard staff also live on campus and are available to support students and handle emergencies, 24 hours a day.

Are flights included?

The cost of flights are not included in the program tuition, in order to give you maximum flexibility in purchasing flights that work for your family. Once enrolled, you can book on your own using discount websites, utilizing frequent flyer miles that you may have accrued, or your own preferred travel agent should you have one.

Do you provide an airport shuttle service to and from Summer Springboard?

We offer an optional shuttle service ($95 each way) between designated airports and Summer Springboard program sites. Students who sign up for this service will be given the name and cell phone number of the staff member who will meet their child at the airport. Staff members will meet arriving students at the baggage claim area and will be wearing Summer Springboard shirts and carrying a Summer Springboard sign. Once all students have arrived our staff members will escort students to an approved shuttle bus. We will require a copy of the flight itinerary and a cell phone number for all students traveling by air. Our staff will monitor flight arrival information for students being picked up in case there are any changes or delays. Once students have connected with our staff at the airport they will be instructed to call their parents to notify them of arrival. For departures, our staff members will accompany students to the airport, assist with check-in, and escort students to the security gate. Our staff members will remain at the airport until all student flights have departed.