David Lazzara is an Aerodynamics Engineer with the Advanced Aero Design team in Boeing Research & Technology Flight Sciences. He contributes expertise in aerodynamic shape optimization, CFD applications, MDAO, computational geometry, and aerodynamics on a variety of flagship design efforts spanning transonic, supersonic and hypersonic regimes. These include the Blended Wing Body, Transonic Truss-Braced Wing, Aerion supersonic design, rotorcraft, and Low-Boom Flight Demonstrator throughout his nine year Boeing career. David was a Boeing co-PI in research with MIT colleagues on innovative MDAO and multifidelity methods, and also is a PI with Texas A&M University and other institutions through a NASA ULI sonic boom robustness program. David completed his Ph.D. at MIT and is an adjunct professor in aircraft design and design optimization to both undergrad and graduate students at the University of Southern California. He is the founder and chair of the AIAA Supersonics Integration and Outreach Committee, a member of the Applied Aerodynamics AIAA Technical Committee, and a member of the Boeing Leadership Next 2019 class. Today David continues to advance conventional and unconventional aircraft design with novel approaches within Boeing.