Kamal Shweyk has over 35 years of work experience in the aerospace industry, primarily with the McDonnell Douglas Corporation and The Boeing Company. He is considered a technical expert in Aircraft Flight Mechanics with a focus on Aerodynamics, Stability and Control, Handling Qualities, Flight Controls, Modeling and Simulation, and Flight and Wind-Tunnel Testing. His technical expertise encompasses atmospheric (subsonic and supersonic) and non-atmospheric flight regimes of military and commercial flight vehicles, and his sphere of influence spans across industry, government, and academia, both nationally and internationally. Throughout his career, he led various aspects of commercial, military, and space programs, including the Douglas Aircraft Company’s Twin/Tri Jets, NASA’s High Speed Civil Transport, Boeing’s Blended Wing-Body and the X-48B/C remotely-piloted flight vehicles, NASA’s Sustainable Flight Demonstrator, Boeing’s C-17A Globemaster III Transport Aircraft, USAF’s Advanced Joint Air Combat System, USAF’s X-37 Orbital Test Vehicle, NASA’s Crew Exploration Vehicle, and Boeing’s Starliner Reusable Spacecraft Capsule. He performed research related to key Flight Mechanics topics and published his findings through numerous technical papers at public forums. 

He managed the Flight Dynamics and Control team at Boeing Research and Technology for over 10 years, where he was responsible for multiple internal research projects and external contracts with the US government.  He is a Technical Fellow at Boeing, and an Associate Fellow at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), where he serves on the Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Technical Committee and Large Vehicle Dynamics Subcommittee, as well as on the Board of Directors at the AIAA Orange County Section.  He also teaches a senior-level class in Flight Mechanics at the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Southern California, and an introductory class in the same topic at the Engineering Career Development Center at The Boeing Company.