Dr. Marquita Taylor is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dr. Taylor holds a Ph.D. and both an MBA and MPH. Her primary research focuses on entrepreneurship and ways to foster entrepreneurial activity and advancement among African Americans. She has taught business at the University of California Los Angeles, Concordia University of Wisconsin, and internationally over the last eight years. In addition to being an entrepreneur, her career has included experiences in government finance and project management, and the private sector. Her academic and professional achievements led her to Yale University nearly five years ago. She managed the Social Innovation Lab at the Center for Public Service and Social Justice for several years. She also served as a Mentor in Residence at Yale’s Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking.

Dr. Taylor champions inclusivity and equity in education among diverse groups, particularly underserved populations and women. Moreover, her career objectives include inspiring and cultivating all to pursue higher education while building non- cognitive, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills to better communities and persona outcomes. Today, Dr. Taylor is in the process of advancing health equity by developing an app to increase digital health literacy in hopes of decreasing the health equity gap.