Micajah Truitt currently lives, teaches, and plays in San Diego, California.  He is a full-time tenured Professor of Art at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, California.  He has been there since 2002, and teaches courses in photography, digital imaging, drone photography and cinematography, and drone
photogrammetry. He is a strong believer in education. He values how art can teach a person to think critically, develop their personal vision, and help them reach their individual dreams.  He routinely participates in competitions and art exhibitions with his photographs.

Micajah is a born and raised Texan who had to leave due to the fact that he loves mountains and the West.  He has lived in Texas, South Dakota, Washington, and California. He has embarked on several paths in life before becoming a professor including leading river and hiking trips for teenagers, working for the National Park Service, and working as a freelance photographer.  When Micajah can get away from art and teaching, he is also a climber, a canyoneer, a skier, a caver, and a mountaineer.  He is a member of the San Bernardino County Sheriff Cave And Technical Rescue Team.  With SAR, Micajah is a lead instructor for their Basic Mountaineering Course. Micajah has a strong desire for adventure that influences his life and many of the concepts behind his artwork.