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Yale – Will I have access to health services?

Yes. Summer Springboard is partnered with Yale New Haven Hospital for any medical or health related issues while on program. Students will be able to access the hospital and it’s nearby clinics.
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Yale – Are the dorms safe?

Yes. All Yale residential colleges have 24-hour security and use electronic key cards to enter gates and entryways. Yale Police and Security is available 24 hours a day and actively monitor the campus.
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Yale – What kind of excursions will we go on?

Students will have the chance to experience interesting tourist and academic-related locations to help broaden them experience and expose them to one of the most exciting areas of the East Coast.
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Yale – Do rooms have air-conditioning?

Due to the historic nature of the campus, residential colleges will not be air-conditioned. We will however provide high speed fans for all of our students.
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Yale – Where will I be eating?

Dining halls are located within walking distance from dorms, and most meals will be eaten on campus, giving you the opportunity to interact with your fellow students and get a taste of college life.
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