What is the code of conduct for Summer Springboard programs?

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Every applicant to Summer Springboard and the applicant’s parent/guardian is required to review and sign Code of Conduct Agreement. Breaking the law or any of the rules & policies detailed in the Code of Conduct Agreement will result in immediate dismissal or probation at the discretion of the Summer Springboard staff. If you are on probation and you break another rule, you will be sent home immediately. Please review the Summer Springboard Code of Conduct form carefully.

Exhibit A. Code of Conduct

Summer Springboard expects students to act in a way that is respectful to the community, promotes the educational goals of the program and ensures the safety of all students. In order to achieve this, we have created a Code of Conduct that all students are expected to follow.

Supervision: Leaving the Summer Springboard campus boundaries without permission or supervision, or abandoning the group while out in the community is grounds for expulsion. Summer Springboard requires students to always remain on campus or within pre-defined boundaries.

No Tolerance of Alcohol, Tobacco Products  and other Drugs: The possession, consumption, attempted sale or purchase of (or being in the presence of these acts) alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or any illicit or illegal drugs is strictly prohibited during the program. Any violation of this rule may result in immediate expulsion from the program based on SSB’s best judgment and understanding of the situation. Staff reserves the right to search student belongings at their discretion in cases where drug, tobacco or alcohol possession is suspected. Smoking tobacco, vaping products of any kind, using tobacco products is prohibited on all SSB programs, even with parental consent. Items that are in violation of the no tolerance policy will be confiscated by staff and will not be returned to the Student. Students are responsible for reporting any serious misconduct that they witness to a program staff member. If a student chooses not to report, they are also in violation of the Code of Conduct and the situation will be handled accordingly.

Body Alterations: No body alterations, including tattoos or piercings are to be obtained while on a SSB program, even with parental consent.

Sex, Sexual Acts & Sexual Harassment: In order to promote an experience that is safe and inclusive of all students, students are not permitted to engage in sexual acts during programs. Students are not allowed to enter the sleeping rooms of those of the opposite gender or any room not assigned to them, unless given direct permission by a program staff member. Doing so will result in consequences that could lead to dismissal from the program. Students will refrain from engaging in inappropriate actions while on the program to ensure emotional and physical safety for all participants, and are encouraged to report any meaningful violations directly to staff members. Inappropriate actions include without limitation: Gender harassment, seductive behavior or imposition, solicitation of sexual activity by promise of reward or threat of punishment, assault, unwanted physical contact, comments or actions which criticize a person based upon gender or sexuality, whistling or making animalistic noises towards an individual, repeatedly standing too close or brushing up against a person, giving gifts or leaving objects that are sexually suggestive, repeatedly asking a person to socialize when he/she/they have said no or have indicated disinterest, or the display and/or distribution (virtually or physically) of offensive, sexually graphic materials.

Water Safety: Students are only allowed to swim under adult supervision. Students must obey all rules laid out by lifeguards or supervisory staff. Students may not swim alone or participate in any unauthorized water sport.

Bullying: Acts of harassment, intimidation or bullying – whether verbal, physical, online or in-person – are forbidden. These acts  may be a student exercising power and control over another student, in either isolated incidents (e.g., intimidation, harassment) or patterns of harassing or intimidating behavior (e.g., bullying).

Respect for Summer Springboard Staff and Students: Students must show decency, civility, and respect towards each other and Summer Springboard staff members. The use of insensitive or otherwise offensive language or behavior or engaging in behavior disruptive to the goals of Summer Springboard may be grounds for disciplinary action.

Commitment to the Program: Students must be committed to the program and will participate in all aspects of the program.

Violations of the Code of Conduct trigger disciplinary action which may include expulsion or a withholding of Certificate of Completion.  While most Code of Conduct violations result in immediate expulsion from the program, there may be instances where a verbal warning or written contract may precede expulsion when deemed appropriate by Program Staff. In the case of expulsion, the student will be sent home as soon as possible, at the expense of the student’s parents or legal guardians, even if there is only one day remaining in the Summer Springboard program.