We provide hands-on learning with our project-based learning methodology. Beyond theory, there will be site visits and guest speakers for students to hear firsthand from experts in their field.

Through self-assessments, campus visits, guided reflection and college admissions coaching, students become empowered to identify their individual vision of academic success and happiness.

Spend two weeks experiencing life on a college campus. While there’s a full schedule of activities, there is time for students to have fun, make new friends, and learn to live like a college student.

On the Campuses of 

UC Berkeley, Yale, and Georgetown

The Business & Entrepreneurship program introduces students to basic business fundamentals to provide a solid foundation. The purpose of the program is to provide a broad overview of key concepts in business. It is not a deep immersion into a specific aspects of business. Students gain exposure to business topics unique to entrepreneurship such as business plan development and Strategy.

Over the course of the program students will form teams to develop a pitch deck for a new business and will present it to judges at the end of the program. While the program is primarily held in a classroom, it includes a guest speaker and a visit to an outside business.

  • Develop a new business plan, create your own pitch deck, and present it to judges
  • Learn to read a Profit & Loss statement in order to analyze investment opportunities
  • Build a marketing plan and calculate ROI on a new campaign
  • Visit a rapidly growing company and hear about their struggles and successes with scaling up

Business & Entrepreneurship

Program Highlights

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I came in knowing next to nothing about business and now I feel that I have flourished in business. This program is very beneficial and I feel that I am ready for college.

Nathaniel C.


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