Dive deep into our academic immersion courses taught by industry professionals. Imagine learning Law from someone who argued before the Supreme Court or writing under the guidance of a published author.

Beyond theory, there will be excursions and guest speakers for students to hear firsthand from experts in their field of interest. Past company visits included Google, Bloomberg, and the United Nations Foundation.

Through campus visits and enrichment electives, we provide a deeper understanding of the college admissions process. Students also make new friends from around the world and learn to live as a college student.

On the Campuses of 

UC Berkeley, Yale, Georgetown, Cal Poly SLO, Boston & UC San Diego

Considering a career in medicine? Thinking about being a pre-med major in college? 

In our Medicine course, students will:

  • Learn real-life techniques such as suturing, setting a splint, wound care, taking vital signs and perform simulated clinical rounds 
  • Visit a simulation lab where medical and healthcare students and professors hone and refine their life-saving skills
  • Work in teams as you research, diagnose, and develop a treatment plan for a patient  

Do you ever dream about being an international humanitarian aid worker? 

In our Global Health course, students will:

  • Investigate and solve global health challenges through hands-on projects including outbreak investigations
  • Explore how global challenges such as poverty, gender, and climate change affect health worldwide
  • Recognize historical and current major disease outbreak patterns and identify strategies for the prevention and control of disease


Global Health

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The classes were useful and helped shed light on different aspects of the medical field, and the various careers you can choose from within the field.

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We offer multiple courses in the field of medicine and healthcare

Psychology & Neuroscience

Explore the relationships between the brain and human behavior. 

In our Psychology & Neuroscience course, students will:

  • Uncover the mystery of how the mind works, and examine the connection between the brain and human behavior.
  • Listen, assess and suggest treatments for your patients during a clinical simulation.
  • Interact with clinical psychologists, neurologists and researchers who are experts in this specialized field.

Are you interested in medicine, science, and technology? Is you goal to create a life-saving drug?

In our Biotechnology course, students will:

  • In partnership with NovoMedix, work alongside scientists doing early stage drug discovery for cancer treatment.
  • Learn how to isolate a protein, and see how it reacts to various compounds in an advanced research laboratory.
  • Create a molecule, and test its biological results practicing the scientific method from hypothesis to conclusion.



Genetics is at the center of scientific advancement with exciting science, technology, and medical breakthroughs happening every day.

In our Genetics course, students will:

  • Explore how DNA works and how scientists can modify DNA for a variety of purposes
  • Gain knowledge on the following topics: RNA, DNA, protein synthesis, mutations, and genetic engineering
  • Train in a laboratory to sample and extract DNA, run experiments, and learn how to alter a string of cells