Summer Springboard invites ambitious high school students to join us for a two-week SUMMER program on the campus of the National University of Singapore.

Students will dive deep into a specific subject area on-program on the campus of the National University of Singapore this summer with creative, dynamic instructors, engaging professors and professional experts.

Welcome to the Singapore Summer Program at the National University of Singapore (NUS) – a unique journey tailored for high school enthusiasts ready to explore the wonders of this bustling city-state.

Run by the renowned American organization Summer Springboard, based in San Diego, California, this program invites Singaporean teens, American teens, and high school students all over the world to participate in a pre-university summer experience.

You can attend this session at our program on the campus of the National University of Singapore this summer:

Session 1:
June 30, 2024 – July 12, 2024


At the heart of your Summer Springboard program is the academic track you choose. Depending on your field of interest, you will take a course, led by an expert instructor, that is designed to give you a taste of the real-world college experience at a competitive university.

Each course is designed by educators and real world experts to allow high school students to quickly grasp core concepts in an easy and enjoyable way.

You can choose from these Academic Tracks and Courses when you attend our program on the campus of the National University of Singapore this summer:

• Global Business: The Singapore Impact
• International Relations: The Singapore Model
• Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
• and more…

On this program you will:

  1. Develop critical life skills, improve your college readiness and explore career paths that are of interest to you before you head off to university
  2. Find relevant local education and career paths: Our programs are tailored for local Singaporeans to succeed in their future college and career tracks, while also opening the world of Singapore to Americans and other international students
  3. Learn through experience by interacting with students from all around the world, figuring out how to collaborate together, and tackling business, international relations or engineering in a hands-on way
  4. Live locally: For those students based in Singapore, this is a wonderful opportunity to travel locally to a pre-college program that combines the best of American university prep with a meaningful Singaporean approach to pre-career learning

“I learned so much and had a wonderful time immersing myself in the academic program. I was presented with many amazing opportunities that I never would have been exposed to had it not been for Summer Springboard. Last but not least, I made lifelong friends. I owe so much to this program. Thank you for these extraordinary opportunities.”

– Luke W.

Why Choose SSB This Summer?

On a Summer Springboard pre-college academic program, teens are invited to explore a major and find a future career path, on elite university campuses in the United States and abroad.

We are proud to host our programs at some of the nation’s – and world’s – leading colleges and universities to offer students a rich taste of life on a major campus.

Each campus has been selected for our programs based on outstanding academic excellence and rigor, reputation for safety and comfort, and capacity to inspire students to reach their full potential. With an outstanding university as your home and real-world classroom for two weeks, you’ll experience a true taste of college student life.

Each instructor has been chosen for their expertise in their field of study, their academic achievement, and their exceptional ability to teach and connect with high-achieving, college-bound high school students. Whether you’re working with a professor from the university, a scientist who runs their own lab, or any other number of extremely qualified instructors, this is a learning experience not to be missed.

Summer Springboard hosts summer programs on the campuses of the following locations:
UC Berkeley, Yale University, UCLA, Georgetown University, UC San Diego, Oxford, Cal Poly SLO, Duke University, Georgia Tech, Paris, National University of Singapore, Washington, University of Michigan, Boston and Barnard College, Columbia University. More campus locations are also on their way!


Hands-on Learning

Dive deep into our academic immersion courses taught by industry professionals. Imagine learning Law from someone who argued before the Supreme Court or writing under the guidance of a published author.

College Prep

Through campus visits and enrichment electives, we provide a deeper understanding of the college admissions process. Students also make new friends from across the United States and around the world and learn to live as a college student.

Career Exploration

Beyond theory, there will be excursions and guest speakers for students to hear firsthand from experts in their field of interest. Past company visits included Google, Bloomberg, and the United Nations Foundation.

Weekend Excursions

Whether it’s Central Park, the Washington Monument or even a pristine California beach, students visit the must-see sites of the region. Also, students will have a fun day with friends at an amusement park, National Park or other nearby attraction.

Summer Springboard

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Explore A Major. Discover a Career Path. Enjoy College Life.


“My daughter attended last summer at UC Berkeley and her experience in the program was superb! It really impacted her on both personal and academic levels. From the people she met, to her class and instructor, to the excursions, to the True You curriculum, everything was top notch and we were just so pleased with the amazing experience she had. She tells everyone about her time at Summer Springboard, which tells us that it really was something that meant so much to her. Look into it, I am sure you will be happy you did!”

– Carrie D, mother of Lillie

Summer Springboard programs are not run by our campus partners. Universities and their affiliated departments are not responsible for the Summer Springboard program in any way.