Curious about the brain? Want to discover and learn the fundamentals of brain biology and the functioning of the central nervous system? By attending the Neuroscience Summer Springboard course students will be able to explore and familiarize with perception, decision-making, neuroethics, neurotechnology, and many other topics. Learn how the development of the brain affects emotions, physiology, and cognition, as well as develop a foundation for future study paths and careers in medicine, biology, biomedical science, psychology, and more.

Psychology Neuroscience 2

Learning Outcomes in this course

Gain exposure to live brain activity recordings

Participate in various lectures on sensory processing, neuropathology, brain and spinal cord anatomy, and more

Engage in interactive workshops and learn basic lab techniques in molecular neurobiology, neurophysiology and neuroanatomy

Examine and Debate current ethical dilemmas within the neuroscience field.

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