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This innovative college-level course in partnership with iXperience is perfectly designed to help high schoolers  gain real world knowledge and experience before committing to a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency path in college.  You will  get the opportunity to apply your newly gained skills to a hands-on project for a positive cause. While specific briefs vary from course to course, all of the projects are selected to perfectly complement the skills covered in class and enable students to make a real-world impact.

Open to any high school student who will be entering freshman, sophomore, junior or senior year in Fall 2022. Space is limited. Each session is limited to 35 students per track.

Classes will be held via Zoom and facilitated in real-time by the instructor.

Track Highlights

  • Understand basic Cryptoeconomics: Be able to design cryptoeconomic models, and use existing cryptoeconomic models.
  • Understand the potential of crypto tokens when used with well designed cryptoeconomic models and be able to design tokens for different value abstractions.
  • Understand what blockchain is as a data structure and how the Bitcoin application utilizes blockchain and other existing systems to work together (P2P network, PoW algorithm, hashing functions).
  • Understand Peer to peer (P2P) computer networks, and list examples of existing P2P networks.
  • Centralization vs. Decentralization: Understand the difference between the centralized/decentralized applications of a given technology or system.
  • The history of money: Define what “sound money” is, list the chronological evolution of abstractions of value throughout human history, and summarize the history of how we got to where we are in the context of money.

Session 2:
July 4, 2022 July 14, 2022 6:00 AM - 9:00AM PT / 9:00 AM - 12:00PM ET

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