Biology at UC Berkeley

Explore and ignite your passion for biology through discovery and hands-on learning.

Summer program for teens to immerse themselves in the fascinating study of biology and the professional possibilities in the life sciences.

Program Highlights

Learn about the branches of biology
Discover the building blocks of life – cells! And, explore the mysteries of genetics and DNA.
Explore the intricate relationship between organisms and their environments.
Collect data, learn about conservation, and truly understand the intricate relationship between organisms and their environments.
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Session 1:
June 16, 2024 June 28, 2024

Session 3:
June 30, 2024 July 12, 2024

Session 5:
July 14, 2024 July 14, 2024


University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, CA


  • "Summer Springboard was a great time, the connections i’ve made and the exposure to college life that i’ve garnered are extremely valuable. It is also just a fun escape from the trials and tribulations of boring day-to-day life in the summer. I loved this program and would do it again in a heartbeat."

    Pranay M.

  • "I felt so welcomed by my peers and staff at this program, and I am so excited for a real college experience!"

    Carter G.

Course Overview

Are you curious about the life sciences and different branches of biology? This course will immerse students in the study of the building blocks of life – cells! You will explore the mysteries of genetics and DNA while investigating the intricate relationship between organisms and their environments. Your instructor will guide you through how to collect data, learn about conservation, and experience hands-on learning and research using the scientific method.

In this course, students will gain an overview of biology and its branches of study. Students will participate in hands-on activities that will demonstrate cell structure and function, and microscopy techniques. They will explore cell biology, genetics and DNA, evolution and adaptation, and have an introduction to microbiology through the study of microorganisms, bacteria and microbes. Students will be exposed to professionals in the industry in order to explore academic majors and career pathways in this exciting field.

Meet your instructor

Instructor - Courses are taught by accomplished and passionate faculty recruited from many area colleges, universities and professional forums. Each faculty member is selected for their subject area expertise and proven ability to both challenge and captivate students.

Topics you'll explore

Hands-on Learning

Hands-on experiments in this course are carefully designed to expose students to a broad range of molecular, microbiological, and cell biological techniques currently used in research laboratories.

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Career Exploration

Students will have their in class learning brought to life through academic excursions and in class guest speakers that expose them to potential life sciences career pathways at leading Bay Area biotech companies.


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