Biotechnology in Boston

Work with scientists from hypothesis to molecule creation.

Summer program for teens to immerse themselves in the Boston's cutting edge biotech scene

Program Highlights

Students will have class in a lab, and work alongside their instructor discovering treatments for various diseases
Start with molecule design and compound creation, and follow the process to the point of in vitro biological activity
Learn how to isolate a protein, and see how it reacts to various compounds in an advanced research laboratory
Create a molecule, and test its biological results practicing the scientific method from hypothesis to conclusion

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Commuter Tuition:


Session 1: June 26 - July 8, 2022

Session 2: July 10 - July 22, 2022


Boston, MA

Course Overview

Are you interested in medicine, science and technology? Is your goal to create a life saving drug? This is a unique opportunity for high school students to gain real exposure and hands-on experience working in a biotechnology lab utilizing state of the art equipment. The goal of this program is to provide students intensive laboratory skills experience, and to understand fundamental chemical processes common in prokaryotic and eukaryotic biology, and classical and molecular genetics with an emphasis on gene expression and genetic engineering.

Meet your instructor

Veronica Donato, Ph.D.

Biotechnology Harvard

Veronica is a Scientist with a PhD in Biological Sciences who focused many years of the research career exploring the relationship between bacteria and their host with the goal to contribute with basic results that could help to cure/treat some diseases and mitigate the aging process. After have being focused on basic research, she started a Master Program in Clinical Investigation in 2020 at Harvard Medical School to redirect her career.

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Topics you'll explore

Hands-On Learning

The biotechnology industry draws from a variety of different specialties, with microbiology, genetics, biochemistry, and I.T. all having a significant impact. In addition to lab work, students will have an opportunity to visit biotech incubators and hear from industry professionals.


Career Exploration

With industry professionals leading extensive discussions, along with visits to biotech incubators and the opportunity for students to experience hands on laboratory experimentation, this course provides wide ranging facets of learning related to the biotech industry that set students up for future success.


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