Broadcast Communications at Georgia Tech

Program Highlights

Understand the basics of broadcasting, video production, journalism, media, and design.
Learn the art of storytelling
Gain skills in scripting, editing, producing, presenting, and disseminating information.
Create a portfolio of your professional content captured and created during the program
ABC 7 journalism excursion

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June 18, 2023 June 30, 2023


Georgia Tech
Atlanta, GA

Course Overview

Do you love to create videos? Do you dream of telling stories and developing ideas that can help shape our world? Communication is critical when it comes to moments of crisis and conflict. Learn how to think and navigate your thoughts and ideas strategically in an ever-changing world. Focus on coursework that best matches your interest and helps you bring your creative vision to life. You will tackle real-life stories and learn the process from a professional in the field, talk with experts in different subject areas of communication and practice what you learn by creating and presenting a portfolio/project.

Topics you'll explore

Real World Insights

Visit a newsroom and hear from experts in the field, such as journalists, videographers, broadcasters, or editors.

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