Computational Thinking for Engineering & Science at MIT

Summer Springboard Computational Thinking program for teens at MIT (Maximum Capacity 30 Students)

Program Highlights

This inaugural course will be held on the campus of MIT campus, where students will learn to use Computational Thinking as a workflow for formulating and solving problems in Science and Engineering through computational steps.
Understand how computational problem-solving techniques formulate problems and their solutions in the same manner computers do.
Students will be exposed to the power and advantages of computation as well as its failures.
Topics will include basic programming, numerical algebra problems, area computations, picture classification and data visualization.

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*+$250 Tuition Supplement


Session 1:
June 16, 2024 June 28, 2024


Simmons University, Boston

Course Overview

The demand for expertise in AI and machine learning is rapidly increasing. Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the world we live in by facilitating the uprise of new technologies as well as improving old ones. Students will spend time exploring several emerging technology spaces and will learn how to leverage artificial intelligence capabilities in various industries. Additionally, students will discover how to leverage artificial intelligence capabilities for good. The experience will conclude with an opportunity for students to apply their learnings to solve a current world problem.

Meet your instructor

Instructor - Dr. JM Modisette
Dr. Modisette holds a BS (2005), MS (2008), and PhD (2011) in Aerospace Engineering from MIT.

Topics you'll explore

Career Exploration

Meet with successful professionals and experts in the fields of computational thinking to learn more about careers and jobs in this field, and have the opportunity to ask questions and learn firsthand what it’s like to work in this up and coming field.

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