Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

Global robotics and AI program: Core concepts, practical applications, ethical considerations, diverse projects, showcase.

Program Highlights

Foundations in Robotics and AI: Delve into the principles of robotics and artificial intelligence, with a focus on how these technologies are shaping industries worldwide. Understand the fundamentals of machine learning, robotics design, and AI ethics in a global context.
Hands-On Project Development: Work in teams to design and program a robotic solution or AI application that addresses a real-world problem. This project will encourage you to consider the diverse applications of robotics and AI in different global settings.
Interdisciplinary Learning: Learn how robotics and AI intersect with fields such as healthcare, manufacturing, and urban planning, especially in the context of international development and global technological trends.
Expert Insights and Case Studies: Gain insights from global leaders in the field of robotics and AI, and analyze case studies that highlight innovative uses of these technologies in various countries and industries.

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June 30, 2024 July 12, 2024


National University of Singapore
Queenstown, Singapore

Course Overview

Beginning with an exploration of the core concepts of robotics and AI, students will quickly progress to practical applications. The program emphasizes the development of skills in programming, system design, and ethical considerations in AI, all within a global framework. Teams will work on projects that are not only technologically innovative but also culturally and ethically informed, reflecting the diverse implications of robotics and AI around the world.

Throughout the course, students will engage with a mix of lectures, hands-on workshops, and discussions. These will be supplemented with guest lectures from international experts and case studies from around the globe. The program culminates in a showcase where students present their projects, receiving feedback from a panel of experienced professionals in the field of global robotics and AI.

Meet your instructor

Courses are taught by accomplished and passionate faculty recruited from many area colleges, universities and professional forums. Each faculty member is selected for their subject area expertise and proven ability to both challenge and captivate students.

Topics you'll explore

Course Structure

There are nine 3-hour class sessions over the two-week course. During week one, students have class from 9am-12pm, Monday - Friday. During week two, students have class from 9am-12pm Monday through Thursday. Wednesday afternoons are dedicated to additional academic time (excursions, speakers).

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