UX/UI Design Online

Virtual Micro-Internship

In Partnership with iXperience. Also available as a Hybrid Course.

Program Highlights

Design fundamentals: The psychology of colors, lines, shapes, textures, fonts. Learn to leverage the power of space, rhythm, composition, structure.
Human-computer interaction: The basics of the psychology of interface design and how humans feel about computers in different contexts.
User Research: Learn to form hypotheses, then go out to real people to collect data and test your assumptions.
Rapid Prototyping: Prototyping, sketching, and wireframing - essential techniques for experimentation and brainstorming.
Visual Identity: Build a visual identity from scratch, taking into account the story, personality, and core values.
Mock Websites & Apps: Learn to design across screen sizes and interaction paradigms.

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Session 2:
July 3, 2023 July 13, 2023 9am - 12pm PDT | 12pm - 3pm EDT



Course Overview

This innovative college-level course in partnership with iXperience is perfectly designed to help high schoolers gain real world knowledge and experience before committing to a UX/UI Design career path. Students in this course will develop an understanding of the UX Design process and how to create meaningful products. They will explore the importance of designing interactive experiences with a human-centered focus. Students will learn how to identify and target users and competitors to gather useful information and feedback by conducting user studies, user testing, and unbiased surveys. They will get the opportunity to apply their newly gained skills to a hands-on project by using their design research and analysis to develop an effective prototype. While specific briefs vary from course to course, course projects are selected to perfectly complement the skills covered in class and enable students to make a real-world impact.
UX UI Schedule

Course Schedule

Week 1: Students will kick off their week with a course orientation, then move on to design principles, UX tools, and user research to learn more about their potential users, and UX terminology. They will then finish off the week learning about UI design and wireframing.

Week 2: In their second week, students will perform UX research, learn about metrics and their impact on storytelling. Students will then get introduced to a case study and learn about leading with empathy. Their second week will culminate with a final presentation.

Open to any high school student who will be entering freshman, sophomore, junior or senior year in Fall 2023. Space is limited. Each session is limited to 35 students per track.

Classes will be held via Zoom and facilitated in real-time by the instructor and a classroom coordinator.

Meet your instructor

Kelly Mckerr

UX/UI Design

Kelly has her Masters in Graphic Design from University of Art in London and a Bachelors in Communication from Tulane University and holds a certificate in Graphic Design from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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Topics you'll explore

In addition to the real-world project, students will be able to:

- Gain a fundamental ethical foundation through which to view their work and the visual design around them
- Gain an introduction to design principles and color theory in relation to UX/UI. They will begin by using basic analog materials to explore the possibilities of design
- Understand the key role of identifying and understanding users before beginning designing. They will use this knowledge to create a user persona and to set SMART goals for their designs.
- Analyze the difference between art and design to grasp how design principles will guide the creative process for new and existing design pieces
- Get familiar with and utilize UX industry-specific jargon, as well as gain a holistic understanding of the components of user interaction for branding purposes
- Learn about the importance of research for UX and apply the foundations of "how to conduct research"
- Learn how to measure success with relation to UX design and explore how storytelling can contribute to the success of your design

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