Learn more about our summer programs and have an opportunity to hear from some of our top instructors!

Sit in on a session with up to two different instructors during our webinar. Our experts will give you a brief intro into what you can expect from our courses this summer.

Medicine & Healthcare Track

Emergency Medicine: Dr. Enrique Valdespino, Harvard

Adam Morris, Harvard University

Vicki Nienaber, Zenobia Therapeutics

*Instructors subject to change.

BusinessDr. Michellana Jester, MIT

Law & Justice:
Manny Santoyo, former LAPD

International Business: Peter Pin, George Washington University

Trial Law:
George Muksian, Wesleyan University

*Instructors subject to change.

Business & Law Track

Engineering & Innovation Track

Intro to Engineering at MIT
Dr. Ali Talebinejad & Dr. Dan Frey

*Instructors subject to change.

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This is the perfect opportunity for high-achieving, college-bound teens to

  • Get a sample of multiple disciplines within an industry 
  • Hear first hand from experts in the field 
  • Learn more about campus and course options for SSB programs this summer

Summer 2022 Programs Webinar

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All The Details

All The Details


Open to Middle School/High School students, Parents, Educators

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We will be utilizing zoom to give families an interactive session.




December 4, 2021

9:30 AM - 11:00 AM PT |

 12:30PM - 2:00PM ET

Sat, Dec 4, 2021 

9:30AM- 11:00AM PST

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Drone CinematographyBrandon Murphy

Matt Miller

*Instructors subject to change.

Media & Design Track