Summer Springboard invites ambitious high school students to join us for a two-week SUMMER program on a competitive college campus, exploring COLLEGE majors and careers of interest.

The best part?

Summer Springboard helps teens discover if their current college major of interest or dream career path is the right one for them!

Some SSB students come back home at the end of their two-week summer course in their field of interest energized and excited, knowing that the career path they’ve chosen is confirmed to be the right one for them.

Other SSB students return home grateful, with new perspective, after realizing that the college major and career path they hoped to follow actually isn’t the right fit for them, and are ready to discover a new path before college.


“I loved the structure of the program and how it allowed for so much freedom while being educational. This program really made me think about the future and where to go from this point. True You and the engineering course were very informative and educational; it gave me the knowledge I will keep until college and further on in life.”

-Summer Springboard Alum

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We hold summer programs on the campuses of the following locations:
UCLA, Berkeley, Yale University, Georgetown University, UC San Diego, Oxford, Boston, University of Michigan, University of Washington, Georgia Tech and Barnard College, Columbia University.



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Summer Springboard

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Explore A Major. Discover a Career Path. Enjoy College Life.


“I learned so much and had a wonderful time immersing myself in the academic program. I was presented with many amazing opportunities that I never would have been exposed to had it not been for Summer Springboard. Last but not least, I made lifelong friends. I owe so much to this program. Thank you for these extraordinary opportunities.”

-Summer Springboard Alum

Summer Springboard programs are not run by our campus partners. Universities and their affiliated departments are not responsible for the Summer Springboard program in any way.