Month: December 2017

Efficiently Reach Your Goals

December 14, 2017

With the New Year right around the corner, it’s a time of preparing for the future and setting (SMART) goals or resolutions. Sometimes, however, teens may find that the difficulty doesn’t lie in setting the goals, but reaching them efficiently and productively. With these tips, you’ll find it significantly easier to meet your goals in a timely and practical manner.

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Mistakes Are Essential

December 7, 2017

Mistakes are quite a misunderstood concept. Throughout your life, especially in high school, you’re taught to avoid mistakes. Why? Because shortcomings are perceived as a measurement of your intellectual ability. In reality, having this mindset is not productive and completely false. It can be detrimental towards your journey to success as it can cloud any opportunity for growth and self-development. Instead, you should recognize that mistakes are essential and view them for what they really are — learning experiences. Not convinced? Here are some other benefits of making mistakes:

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