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Campus Overview

University of Washington is a top research university located in the pacific northwest, in a beautiful urban setting, yet surrounded by Mount Rainier and Lake Washington. UW, is located in the University District of Seattle and is recognized as one of the top public universities in the U.S, especially due to its commitment to research and innovation.


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University of Washington
Seattle, WA


  • "I enjoyed how meeting new people was encouraged, as well as the balance between education/college preparation and fun activities"

    Asmitha M.

  • "I felt so welcomed by my peers and staff at this program, and I am so excited for a real college experience!"

    Carter G.

Academic Courses

At Summer Springboard we believe learning should be inspiring and interactive. We have worked hard to design courses, field trips and guest lectures that reflect the resources of the Seattle area. Whenever possible, classes are held outdoors, on-site or in a lab-type setting to allow students as many ’hands on’ opportunities as possible. Field trips and guest speakers take the learning experience beyond the classroom and leverage all that Seattle has to offer.

In addition to our academic morning courses, students spend the afternoon either in electives (i.e. Public Speaking, Athletics, College Admissions, Community Service, Life Skills, and Photography) or participating in our True You program which explores elements of one's real self including strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Web & Graphic Design

Design plays an integral part of many aspects of modern life including business, marketing, communication, and user experience. Students will leave the course with new hard skills, knowing how to use different applications and create designs and with new softs skills including creativity, adaptability, and attention to detail. The combined skills and foundations learned will make students stronger designers and be able to apply their skills in personal and school projects.

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Real Estate Investment

Seattle has become an attractive market for real estate investors due to its economic growth, job opportunities, lifestyle appeal, housing demand, and education and research institutions, making U of W a wonderful place to learn about real estate. Real estate is a quickly growing multidisciplinary field, where students will walk away with the knowledge of vast career opportunities in the field and a developed sense of entrepreneurship.

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Sustainability & Environmental Studies

The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful part of the US to learn about sustainability practices due to its commitment to the environment through public policy, education, and social movements. Seattle will be used as a footprint to show how some significant cities are implementing sustainability movements. Students will leave the course with a well rounded view of past policies and impacts on the environment and the future of sustainability.

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Speech & Language Sciences

Speech pathology is a quickly growing field due to research and advancement, an aging population, increasing awareness, and the need for services in various environments. Students will gain an appreciation for the multidisciplinary nature of the field and learn about career paths within education, therapy options, and healthcare. This course will provide a strong foundational base for those interested in improving communication and overall life outcomes for individuals.

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Foreign Affairs

Foreign affairs will equip students with a broad perspective on international relations and global challenges. Students will be introduced to a range of career paths, be encouraged to engage more actively in discussions, and learn strong research and comprehension skills. U of W is a great place to take this course as Seattle contributes to the foreign affairs agenda of the US due to its economic and cultural ties and its participation in global initiatives.

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Psychology & Neuroscience

Artificial intelligence, processing neurological data, brain

Through psychology simulations and hands-on neurology workshops, you will explore the relationships between the brain and human behavior. Whether you are interested in the physical aspect of the brain and central nervous system or more intrigued by human behavior and thought processes, connect with professionals that have a background in both psychology and neuroscience. 

Excursions in Washington – Students may visits to local medical and research facilities in Seattle.

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Activities & Trips

Students will have great access to trips and opportunities outside of their academic courses on campus due to universities' close proximity to top attractions. Off the beautiful campus, students will have the opportunity to explore the sights of Seattle, the Emerald City.

Pike Place Market

Located in the heart of Seattle, this trip is not only a culinary adventure but also a cultural one. Students will explore local foods, crafts, and street performances, all while taking in the vibrant atmosphere of this historic market. Students will see the famous gum wall, the original Starbucks, and the historic charm of the market.

Seattle Space Needle

The Space Needle is a renowned architectural wonder and an iconic symbol of Seattle, offering panoramic views of the city. Students will have the opportunity to see the city from above and learn about Seattle's history.

Seattle Underground Tour

Students will be guided beneath the streets of Seattle to explore the city's historic underground tunnels. It's a unique way to learn about the city's history, early architecture, and facts about the city.

Ferry Tour

A Seattle ferry tour is a wonderful way to experience the waterfront and enjoy scenic views of the surrounding area. The guide will provide informative narration about the history and culture of the region while the group takes in the of the Seattle skyline, the iconic Space Needle, and the Olympic Mountains in the distance.

Student Life

During the Summer Springboard program, you'll live in residence halls at the University of Washington. One of the most picturesque backdrops in Seattle to live and learn.


Students will likely be housed in a double suite, sharing a private bathroom with four people. Students are housed by gender, and genders are separated by floor. Dorm rooms contain a Twin XL sized bed, desks, drawers, mirror, and a closet.

Summer Springboard staff, in the form of mentors, live on each floor to create a community, provide support, plan activities, and help students get the most out of their stay on campus. Other members of the Summer Springboard staff also live on campus and are available to support students and address emergencies, 24 hours a day.


The university is committed to providing a healthy, smoke-free environment for students, faculty and staff. Accordingly, no smoking or vaping is permitted in student rooms or inside buildings, including lounges and balconies.


All dormitories have 24-hour security and uses electronic keys to enter each building and dorm room. University security is on 24-hour patrol and available to any student that may need assistance during the Atlanta summer program for high school students.


Most meals will be in the on-campus dining hall. The dining hall offers a wide selection of food with buffet style. There are ample food options accommodating vegetarian and vegan options, however, no Kosher or Halal options.

Note: Summer Springboard programs are not run by our campus partners. Universities and their affiliated departments are not responsible for the Summer Springboard program in any way.

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