Summer Immersion Academy

  • 2 week deep dive into one subject area offered in the summer
  • 6 courses offered with project-based methodology
  • Great option for students who want to gain deeper insight into a specific major and career advice from experts in the field
  • Engage in interactive online learning

Summer Immersion Overview:

2 week deep dive into one subject area offered in the summer

Summer Immersion Tracks:
  • Business & Entrepreneurship

    Understand how operations, marketing, sales, and finance come together to drive businesses.

  • Computer Science

    Learn the most practical programming techniques used by Google and Facebook - Raspberry Pi and Python.

  • Emergency Medicine

    Discover practical skills such as suturing, stopping a bleed and taking vital signs.

  • Fundamentals of Engineering

    Learn from professionals in the field about the latest advancements in engineering and technology.

  • Psychology & Neuroscience

    Understand human behavior through the lens of science. Focus is on understanding research methods and experiment design.

  • Trial Law

    Explore all roles of a challenging case acting as defense attorneys, prosecutors, witnesses, jurors, or judge.

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Middle School Online Academy

  • Engaging virtual learning experiences that will capture students’ imaginations.
  • Hands-on projects allow students to learn about real life situations
  • Unique real-world view of the medical and healthcare industries.

Middle School Online Overview:

A one-week online course in Medicine and Healthcare

Middle School Online Tracks:
  • Medicine

    Discover critical techniques in emergency medicine such as setting a splint and performing CPR.


    Explore digital electronics and physics kinematics circuits and use them to control currents and voltages.

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