From a Harvard educated doctor who works with Doctors Without Borders to a business instructor who is a Lecturer and GLab Course Manager at the MIT Sloan School of Management, students will hear firsthand from experts in their field. 

These are the instructors that we have confirmed so far for 2022, but they may be subject to change.

Summer Springboard courses are taught by accomplished and passionate faculty recruited from many area colleges, universities and professional forums. Each faculty member is selected for their subject area expertise and proven ability to both challenge and captivate students.


Ex: Dr. Laura Manyweather, Ed.D., MBA

With 29 years of experience with private corporations and 12 years in academia, Laura brings systems, processes and organizational structure to small and micro businesses.

SSB - Laura Manyweather

San Diego

Ex: Psychology & Neuroscience – Karen Markowitz, MA

Karen Markowitz has been a psychology instructor for over 20 years at various colleges and universities in the coastal San Diego area.


Ex: Business & Entrepreneurship – Dr. Michellana Jester

Lecturer and GLab Course Manager at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

UC Berkeley

Ex: Computer Science – Dr. Qi Zhao

Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLA, worked at the UCLA Internet Research Lab and Network Research Lab for computer networking research.

Yale University

Ex: Psychology & Neuroscience – Lena Skalaban

Ph.D. candidate in Psychology at Yale University where she has been a teaching fellow for undergraduate courses such as The Human Brain and Research Methods in Psychology.

Georgetown University

Ex: Trial Law – Artem Joukov, JD

Artem Joukov has worked as a felony prosecutor in Florida and Alabama, where he tried over 100 bench and jury trials and handled a wide variety of cases.