From a Harvard educated doctor who works with Doctors Without Borders to a business instructor who is Founder and Principal of Silicon Valley Institute, students will hear firsthand from experts in their field. 

Summer Springboard courses are taught by accomplished and passionate faculty recruited from many area colleges, universities and professional forums. Each faculty member is selected for their subject area expertise and proven ability to both challenge and captivate students.


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Ex: Biology & Medicine – Krista McCutcheon, M.Sc.

Has been working as a professional drug hunter for over 20 years, and is a co-inventor on multiple drug patents.

San Diego

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Ex: Drone Cinematography – Brandon Murphy, MBA

Leads drone operations for San Diego-based video production company and worked with Fortune 50 companies.


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Ex: Genetics – Summer Morrill and John Replogle, Ph.D. candidates

Ph.D. candidates at MIT in the department of Biology. They will team teach the course on the campus of MIT.

UC Berkeley

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Ex: Trial Law – Jack McMahon, JD, MA

Former Assistant Attorney General for the state of Rhode Island, and has taught law at Roger Williams University.

Yale University

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Ex: Finance & Investing, Peter Mombaur, MBA

Former Managing Director of a private equity investment firm and consultant with McKinsey & Co.

Georgetown University

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Ex: Architecture – Phil Muse, M.Arch

Leads an architecture firm and has worked on major projects such as Washington National Airport and Yongjin Light Rail System in Seoul.