Teen Summer Programs

Medicine & Healthcare Track
Considering a career in medicine or healthcare? It’s a major decision that can influence the next four to twelve years of your life. These courses give you a 360 degree view of the medical and healthcare field, as well as immersive learning through hands-on projects and simulations.
Engineering & Innovation Track
Behind the structures and products we use in our everyday life, engineers must consider many details before building can commence. Considerations such as weather, budget, materials, and regulations all inform the process. These courses allow you to think like an engineer and create solutions to real world design challenges.
Science and Technology Track
Do you wonder what it's like to develop software for a living? Do you possess a natural curiosity towards computer technology and platform development? These courses challenge students to think critically and creatively about today’s most pressing technology-related questions and gain real hands-on experience.
Media & Design Track
Media and design are crucial elements everywhere we look - the ad copy we read in a magazine, the visual effects in the top box office movie, and more. In these courses, an emphasis is placed on craft, imagination, invention and the use of techniques and devices.