Our mission is to help students increase their self-awareness so they can make decisions about college selection, academic majors, and careers that reflect their personal vision for success.


Find Your Path

Choosing the “right” college, the “right” major, and the “right” career path are among the most important decisions a young person will make during their high school years. We believe these are incredibly personal choices, and “right” is subjective to each individual. However, pursuing the wrong path can be extremely costly and time consuming. By helping students discover their unique path, Summer Springboard allows them to make the most of their college years and dive into the subjects they are most excited about.

The College Experience

The transition from high school to college requires students to learn how to independently balance academic and social responsibilities. Living on a college campus encourages independence, instills responsibility, and promotes confidence. Summer Springboard offers a safe and structured schedule that prepares students for a successful and productive college experience. While our program have a full schedule of activities, students have time to have fun, make new friends, and learn to live as a college student (yes, that means they’ll even do their own laundry).

The True You™

The first step in achievement comes from knowing who you are, and who you aspire to be. Many adults only discover their strengths and aptitudes later in life, after a process of trial and error. The True You™ program is a series of scientific assessments and diagnostics that guide students through a process of introspection, reflection, and visioning.

Success and happiness look different for every individual. This program is an intentional process for students to look inward to develop their personal roadmap for life based on their own unique qualities. They will use these insights throughout the rest of the program to help develop their plans, work with other program attendees and staff, and understand what truly makes them unique.

Academic Immersion Programs

Dive deeper into your passions and turn your aspirations into reality. Each program is designed by educators and real world experts to allow high school students to quickly grasp core concepts in an easy and enjoyable way. We empower students through a dynamic, integrated experience that combines three key components: Hands-On Learning, Real World Insight, and College Planning.

Together these sessions will help students gain more depth of understanding about an academic discipline. Coupled with time for reflection, students will leave their experience with clarity on their direction they want to head in college and beyond.

Hands-On Learning

Learning has never been so inspiring and interactive. Our project-based learning methodology ensures that concepts are retained longer and that students understand their real world application. This develops critical thinking skills that assist students with their transition to college and their career upon graduation. At the end of each program, students will have completed a tangible project that they can draw from during the college admissions process.

Real World Insight

Beyond theory, students will hear firsthand from experts in their field. These professionals connect abstract concepts to real world practice. This gives students a clearer picture of what it means to work in a profession. Additionally, these practitioners share their own stories about how they got to where they are today, and offer advice based on a lifetime of experience.

College Planning

An estimated 75% of students change their major during college. Finding clarity about your course of study staves time and money. Our curriculum, The True You, helps student learn more about their personality, motivations, and strengths. We combine this newfound understanding with an exploration of careers within a field so students can find their niche. Creative thinkers may be surprised to learn about jobs in fields like engineering that are traditionally considered very analytical; likewise, structured thinkers may discover opportunities in fields that are traditionally considered creative. Students will also meet with the former admissions officer from one of the top universities in the country.

College Tours & Test Prep Programs

Choosing a university and academic major are some of the most important decisions facing teens. It’snot just about getting into the best school – it’s about figuring out the best schools for you! This program takes students to a variety of college campuses so they can identify the type of university that is uniquely suited to their personality and style. In addition, prepare for the SAT with coaches and curriculum from The Princeton Review. Our coaches will also work with students to craft a Personal Statement, a key element in most college applications. This is a program for all high school students, not just juniors. It is never too early to begin preparing for the college admissions process.

College Campus Visits

Colleges have their unique personalities, just like people. Visit a variety of colleges and universities to compare and contrast what each offers:
Public v. Private
Liberal Arts v. Technical
Urban v. Rural
Small v. Big

Twice a week we tour at least two colleges per day (8-10 colleges per session) so students can get a feel for the general character of each school. Visit a variety of universities to see what each offers and consider: what's right for you? Considering these questions now can help avoid a costly mistake later. We lead student through a guided reflection process so that their choice of university aligns with their individual personalities.

SAT Prep with The Princeton Review

We have partnered with The Princeton Review, the leaders in test preparation to offer students intensive in-person test preparation classes for three mornings per week. During the program students will recieve 12 hours of instruction on the latest test-taking strategies and take two scored diagnostic test to measure their individual performance. They will also receive course books and access to their personal SAT portal after the program.

College Admissions Coaching

Led by our college counserling coach, these sessions demystify the college admissions process bycovering every step in an interactive, conversational workshop format.

+ The "Navigating College Admissions" workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of the process and also expose students to the Common App.

+ The Personal Statement Bootcamp gives students coaching on drafting a compelling personal statement, as well as individual feedback from our college coach.

+ Students also get the inside scoop on the state of college admissions today from a former admissions officer from one of the nation's top universities.