Our Mission

Our mission is to help students increase their self-awareness so they can make decisions about college selection, academic majors, and careers that reflect their personal vision for success.


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Program Model

We empower students through a dynamic, integrated experience that combines three key components:

Career and Academic Exploration

The True You (College Prep Curriculum)

– The College Experience

Together these components provide students the Springboard to Success!

The journey to success in career and happiness in life is deeply personal. We believe goals can best be realized when students have a true sense of what makes them unique. At Summer Springboard we give college-bound teens professional insight, self-awareness, and the confidence needed for success in college and beyond.

Career and Academic Exploration

Our project-based learning methodology ensures that concepts are retained longer and that students understand their real world application. This develops critical thinking skills that assist students with their transition to college and their future careers. At the end of each program, students will have completed a tangible project that they can draw from during the college admissions process.

Beyond theory, there will be site visits and guest speakers for students to hear firsthand from experts in their field. These professionals connect abstract concepts to real world practice. Additionally, these practitioners share their own stories about how they got to where they are today, and offer career insights based on a lifetime of experience.

The True You

College applications are about getting to know each student and the unique qualities they will bring to their community. Our True You© college prep curriculum starts with self-discovery and leads to a deeper understanding of the college application and admissions process.

Through a series of self-assessments, campus visits, guided reflection and college admissions coaching, students become empowered to identify their individual vision of academic success and happiness. It’s not just about getting into the best school, it’s figuring out the best schools for you.

The College Experience

The transition from high school to college requires students to learn how to independently balance academic and social responsibilities. Living on a college campus encourages independence, instills responsibility, and promotes confidence. Summer Springboard offers a safe and structured schedule that prepares students for a successful and productive college experience.

While our programs have a full schedule of activities, students have time to have fun, make new friends, and learn to live as a college student. We’ll spend the weekend touring the nearest major city to explore the must-see sights and visit some of the main attractions including an amusement park. Students will experience the best these cities have to offer!


“This program has truly changed me through the people I met and the extensive amount of knowledge I gained. The best part of this program was being able to have hands on experience in my dream field of work.” – Ashley M.

“What I liked most was everyone’s dedication and heart. From classmates participating actively in class, to RA’s guiding us along, to the instructors’ patience and passion in spreading their knowledge. Everyone was into the program with all their heart, which was what made Summer Springboard both educational and enjoyable.” – Oceana L.

“My son who’s a rising junior did the Medicine & Healthcare program at UC Berkeley. He absolutely loved the experience which gave him a taste of college dormitory life, what it would take to be a medical doctor, real-life interactions with doctors and medical professionals, fun and engaging field trips around the SF Bay Area, and social connections to peers around the world. Truly a top-notch experience for him.” – Amy F.

“I have to say that the program achieved exactly what I was hoping for. It opened the mind of my children to different professions and fields of study. The people they met made a great impact in their life. They are considering participating next year also!” – Anca P.

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