The Summer Springboard Personal Leadership Framework is a unique blend of academics and self-discovery designed to help students understand themselves better, define their goals, and gain valuable skills that are critical to college and life success. Our framework consists of three exciting modules:

  • The True You™
  • Academic Exploration Tracks
  • Success Skills

Students attend sessions within each module every day and gain valuable exposure to academic subject areas, personal development topics and success skills. Together these sessions will help students define their goals and develop a plan to achieve them. Ideas and individual insights are summarized into a workbook we call the Personal Roadmap, that each student can take home to reflect on and revisit any time in the future.

This integrative approach to learning and reflection underpins the Summer Springboard Personal Leadership Framework and makes our program unique from other summer camp or program options. Students learn more, grow more, and get to set their own path to success.

The True You™

The first step in achievement comes from knowing who you are, and who you aspire to be. Many adults only discover their strengths and aptitudes later in life, after a process of trial and error. The True You™ program is a series of scientific assessments and diagnostics that guide students through a process of introspection, reflection, and visioning.

Success and happiness look different for every individual. This program is an intentional process for students to look inward to develop their personal roadmap for life based on their own unique qualities. They will use these insights throughout the rest of the program to help develop their plans, work with other program attendees and staff, and understand what truly makes them unique.

Academic Exploration

We believe the second step to achievement is to outline your life goals. However, really knowing your professional and personal life goals only comes from a keen understanding of the options available. Our Academic Exploration Tracks provide students with an integrated, project-based academic experience that gives them exposure to new disciplines or allows them space to dive into existing areas of interest. This will be done through a unique mix of lectures, project work, and expert speakers, all designed to expand each student’s academic and professional horizons. The key components of our Academic Exploration Tracks program are:

Academic Foundations

Traditional, foundational coursework designed to augment knowledge of key terms and topics for a particular academic area. This will build on and enhance school year curriculum in a particular area.

Current Events

Sessions designed to dive deep into relevant real-world topics in a particular subject area. This may include a mix of lectures, screenings, and speeches from subject-matter experts. Students will be encouraged to ask questions, raise issues, and probe to gain a better understanding of trends and opportunities.

Project Work

This hands-on module allows students to apply their academic and personal development learnings. Working with a small group of peers students will tackle a specific question and develop a presentation of their findings, immediately putting their academic and personal insights into practice.

Career Exploration

These periodic sessions will introduce students to a variety of careers within their academic area of interest. Students will have the chance to hear from professionals and industry experts first hand and ask questions about their career journey.

Together these sessions will help students gain more depth of understanding about an academic discipline. Coupled with time for reflection, students will leave their experience with clarity on their direction they want to head in college and beyond.

Success Skills

We believe that high achievement is not a matter of luck or genetics. There are proven skills and strategies that help people achieve their full potential. Academic knowledge is not enough.

The economy and job market change at the speed of technological innovation. Our Success Skills program provide students skills that are timeless. Our curriculum emphasizes 21st Century Skills such as Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Team Leadership, Communicating for Impact, and more. Facilitated by dynamic instructors, these sessions are insightful, practical, and valuable. Emphasis is placed on actionable steps students can take immediately to accelerate their achievement.

More than academic or technological expertise, Success Skills prepare students for the challenges and opportunities that the future will bring. While these are skills that will assist students in college, they also help navigate complex life and work environments in adulthood.