Middle School Programs

We help middle school students prepare for their transition from adolescence to young adulthood. The middle school STEAM, Medicine, and Online Academy curriculum inspires independent thinking, creativity, personal growth, and self-confidence. 

These programs operate separately from Summer Springboard high school programs with separate staff, accommodations, schedules, classes, activities, and a more structured environment.

Academic tracks in this program

Middle School STEAM Course

Middle School Students building STEAM robots (1)
During this program students will work in teams to build an autonomous race car with the abilities to self-drive forward, backward, accelerate, track and follow lines, and avoid obstacles. The SparkFun RedBot is a perfect way to gain hands-on experience and get started in the world of robotics. At the end of the program, students will race their cars against other teams. Prizes will be given for the fastest car, most creative design, and sturdiest! Additionally, students will create videos documenting their creation of their car which they will screen at the end of the program.

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