Business & Law Track

Whatever you do in life, foundational business skills such as sales, marketing, and financial management, will serve you well. In addition, trial law techniques such as crafting an argument and effective communication can help you in most situations. Whichever course you choose will prepare you for college and beyond.

Courses in this Track

Business & Entrepreneurship Course

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The Business & Entrepreneurship course introduces students to basic business fundamentals to provide a solid foundation. The purpose of this summer course is to provide a broad overview of key concepts in business. It is not a deep immersion into a specific aspects of business. Students gain exposure to business topics unique to entrepreneurship such as business plan development and strategy.

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Finance & Investing Course

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Students will break into teams with each team selecting a promising stock that the team will research throughout the course and ultimately pitch to a group of investors. Faculty will provide hands-on help to students throughout this process. Along the way; students will be introduced to core investment concepts including the characteristics of different asset classes, public vs private equity, the workings of the stock market, company financials, company valuation and portfolio design. By using an experiential learning approach, students will quickly engage in the topic, and the instructor introduces the underlying theory and concepts as students proceed with their project.

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Politics & Public Policy Course

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Immerse yourself in the American political system as you draft legislation to represent your political goals. Use your power of persuasion to convince others of the value of your bill and move it from your committee to the Senate floor. Negotiate with other political parties and special interest groups that are attempting to change or derail your bill and ultimately, a debate and vote will decide if your legislation will become law.

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