Summer Springboard program for high school students on the campus of UCLA

Campus Overview

Los Angeles offers some of the best weather in Southern California year-round and is home to some of the most iconic landmarks, museums, leading industries, and notable universities.

For the seventh consecutive year, UCLA has ranked #1 in top public universities in the U.S., according to U.S. News & World Report. Its premiere location and elite academic status complement the Summer Springboard experience well to create one of the best summer educational opportunities for college-bound teens.


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Los Angeles, CA


Academic Courses

At Summer Springboard, we believe learning should be inspiring and interactive. Our carefully curated courses blend career exploration, hands-on learning, and exposure to industry-leading businesses and professionals that reflect the resources of the Los Angeles area. Whenever possible, classes are held outdoors, on-site, or in a lab-type setting to allow students as many hands-on opportunities as possible. Activities such as field trips, guest speakers, and practical scenarios take the learning experience beyond the classroom and leverage all that Los Angeles has to offer.

In addition to the morning academic course, the afternoons involve different activities (depending on the day), which include staff-led activities, an external campus tour, True You, or their course-specific field trip/activity.

Aerospace Engineering

“With companies like Boeing, SpaceX, Relativity Space, The Aerospace Corporation, Northrop Grumman, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory – to name a few – located nearby, there’s no better place to launch into the field of Aerospace Engineering than with Summer Springboard in Los Angeles this summer. Throughout the course, students will explore and unpack various asepcts of aerosapce engineering, including the history of flight, flights mechanics, system engineering, principles of effective design for aircraft and spacecraft, propiulsions systems, aircraft performace, and more. Students will understand the key differences between aeronautical and astronautical engineering and use basic orbital mechanics. Students will participate in hands-on practical activities based on the topics they are learning, including designing and manipulating their own basic glider airplane or rocket to test certain flight maneuvers/concepts, and perform within certain parameters.

Previous foundational knowledge in the following classes is either recommended (R) or strongly recommended (SR), but not required: algebra (R), geometry (R), trigonometry (SR), calculus (SR), and physics 1 and 2 (SR).

Guest Speakers and Excursions: Students will have the chance to visit companies or organizations in the aerospace engineering industry, as well as hear from experienced professionals in the field. In the past, students have heard from guest speakers affiliated with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, The Aerospace Corporation, and more.


Note: Excursions to local aerospace companies will require proof of U.S. Citizenship due to contracts those companies hold with the federal government.

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Business & Entrepreneurship

students on university campus

Summer Springboard’s Business & Entrepreneurship course on the campus of UCLA introduces aspiring entrepreneurs to the world of business and the areas that affect growing a business. Our course explores the aspects involved in starting, owning, and operating a business – from thinking through ideas, planning a business, and managing various considerations for growing a small business into an enterprise. Topics such as entrepreneurship, idea generation, customer relationships and revenue streams, personnel and human resource management, product design, cost accounting, financial analysis, marketing, and more will all be explored.

Throughout the course, students will work in groups to generate a business idea of their own, and then follow the entrepreneurial process to develop the idea into a feasible prospective business startup. Ultimately, students will pitch their innovative ideas to a panel of business and entrepreneurship “judges” in a Shark-Tank type experience.

Excursions in Los Angeles – Visit multiple companies and meet with a range of business people, from small business owners and mid-level managers to high-ranking executives.

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Criminal & Forensic Science

“It’s a match!”. We’ve heard it all across our favorite crime scene TV shows – NCIS, Law & Order, Criminal Minds – but just how realistic are they? Forensics is a field focused on the scientific gathering and analysis of evidence that can ultimately be utilized in the legal field. Through Summer Springboard’s Criminal & Forensic Science course on the campus of UCLA, you’ll be introduced to the reality of what a crime scene investigator does, the process in which evidence is collected, cared for, and presented, as well as the various paths and careers you can pursue with a background in forensic science. Ultimately, students will apply the knowledge they learn by processing a mock crime scene and presenting their findings in a moot court scenario.

Whether you’re interested in policing, processing crime scenes as a Forensic Identification Specialist and Criminalist, or working in a lab, this course will help sharpen your investigative and observational skills while considering a range of scientific concepts.

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Emergency Medicine

students performing CPR on dummies

If there is anything we’ve been reminded of these past few years, it’s how essential a role our emergency care doctors, nurses, first responders, and other healthcare professionals play in society, and how necessary they are. The average emergency room nurse makes between $77,000 and $107,000, with top earners making $124,500 annually. Whether your goal is to become an EMT or paramedic, an emergency room doctor, an ICU nurse, or any other profession that utilizes emergency care skills, Summer Springboard’s course in Emergency Medicine on the campus of UCLA will immerse you in a variety of foundational skills and knowledge. Our course will prepare you for a future career in emergency care, and expose you to the healthcare field overall and the various paths you can pursue.

Students will learn a variety of skills and techniques, ranging from basic first aid to triaging emergency situations and wounds, through a variety of hands-on activities and practical simulations. Skills and techniques explored include positioning and extraction, wound care, bleeding control, stitches and sutures, usage of splints and slings, and other life-saving skills.

Students will have the opportunity to research a simulated patient’s history and symptoms, create a diagnosis based on their findings, and develop a treatment plan. Ultimately, students will be able to apply the knowledge they’ve learned from the course through a simulated emergency response scenario. This simulation will teach students how to respond to a patient just like a medical professional, assessing information and applying their medical knowledge in high pressure environments.

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Home to the Oscars, Golden Globes, and Emmys award ceremonies, Los Angeles has long been recognized as the film and movie capital of the world. What better environment to complement your passion for filmmaking. Summer Springboard’s Filmmaking course on the campus of UCLA focuses on the fundamental elements, including script writing & pre-production, directing, camera operation & cinematography, sound design, and editing. Students will be able to explore which of these areas truly resonates with their passion for filmmaking, and put their skills to test. Students will work in groups to create a short film, from script writing to production. They will learn from an experienced instructor in the industry, as well as gain insight and tips from others working in the entertainment industry.

Students will explore and practice the main elements of filmmaking throughout much of the first week, and then work in groups to produce a short-film over the course of the second week. Within their groups, students will have the opportunity to focus in on the element of the filmmaking process they’re best suited for and most passionate about.

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Psychology & Neuroscience

Artificial intelligence, processing neurological data, brain

The adult human brain weighs approximately 3 pounds making up less than roughly 2% of a person’s body weight, yet it defines our humanity and makes us the individuals that we are – and yet no two are the same. The brain is responsible for the generation of language, thought, attention, consciousness, memory, imagination, and more. But how? And what makes certain people in society behave one way, and others another? Nothing is more fascinating and mysterious than the inner workings of the brain and human psychology.

In Summer Springboard’s Psychology & Neuroscience course on the campus of UCLA, students will explore these fundamental questions and more. Our course will explore the anatomy of the human brain, how it functions, and how that correlates and influences human behavior. Students will learn about how the brain works, how that affects behavior such as social dynamics, emotions, personality, mental illness, and how psychologists study them. Students will get to construct their own miniature psychology theory, design/run an experiment to test it, and present findings to the class.

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Sports Management

Successful management is required in all segments of the sport industry whether professional, amateur, collegiate, club, public, private, etc. In the management function, the same basic elements are needed, regardless of organizational type: personnel management, program development, marketing, information management, facilities management, and legal responsibilities. Depending on what kind of sport management career interests you, possibilities include working directly with athletes, coaches, and organizations, or working behind the scenes as a promoter, marketing manager, or sports economist. Our course will explore the business management side of sports and expose you to the number of different directions you can take with a background in Sports Management.

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Activities & Trips

We'll step off-campus to explore what the lively city of Los Angeles has to offer! Home to some of the most iconic landmarks, tourist attractions, museums, and beaches, L.A. has no shortage of fun. Below are just some examples of what our students will get to see and explore:

  • Hollywood
  • Santa Monica Pier

Griffith Park/Observatory

Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of L.A. and the iconic Hollywood sign from the Griffith Observatory. Hike portions of the Mt. Hollywood Trail to explore the local vegetation and see even more unique angles of the city.

Ovation Hollywood

Formerly known as Hollywood and Highland (being the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue), explore the iconic shopping center and entertainment complex in the Hollywood district of L.A. Don't forget to get a picture of your favorite celebrity star on the Walk of Fame before we leave!

Beverly Gardens Park & Rodeo Drive

See the iconic "Beverly Hills" sign, featured in many movies, followed by a time-permitting stroll down Rodeo Drive - known for its status as one of the most prestigious retail destinations in California.

Santa Monica Pier & Sunset

Nothing beats a California sunset, and what better place to take that in than at the Santa Monica Pier. Students will have the opportunity to explore the Santa Monica Pier - which offers a full-service amusement park and a variety of souvenir shops, street vendors, and more. Before we leave, we'll stay to experience a quintessential west coast sunset.

The Grove & Farmers Market

Explore a mix of retail, restaurants, and entertainment in an open-air environment, known to be frequented by celebrities. The Farmers Market - located on the same grounds - is home to more than 100 shops, grocers, and eateries in an al-fresco setting.

Amusement Park

Students will get either a half-day or whole-day of fun at an area amusement park! In the past, we've visited Six Flags and Knott's Berry Farm.

Track-Specific Excursions

Each academic program may also take subject matter specific excursions to help round out the student experience.

Student Life

Get ahead of college living by experiencing the variety of amenities that UCLA has to offer during your Summer Springboard program, from the dining hall, to your university dormitory, and more!


At UCLA, Summer Springboard students are housed in either double or triple rooms. Students being housed in triple rooms is more common. There is a shared bathroom within the room. Students are housed by gender, and genders are separated by room. Dorm rooms contain Twin XL-sized beds, desks, drawers, mirror, and a closet. A basic linen package is included in the cost of the Residential tuition, and is provided by UCLA, in the form of a fitted sheet, flat sheet, blanket, pillow, pillowcase, and bath towel.

Summer Springboard staff live on each floor to create a community, provide support, plan activities, and help students get the most out of their program. Other members of the Summer Springboard staff, including the Campus Director, Assistant Campus Director, and other staff also reside within the dorms during the course of the program and are available to support students and address emergencies, 24 hours a day.


All dormitories have 24-hour security and require electronic keys to enter each building and dorm room. UCLA Police is available 24/7 and makes regular patrols of the campus and residence halls. Students are also required to be in their rooms past 10PM for safety and accountability purposes.


Snack and drink vending is available in each dormitory, as well as an ice machine and water filtration station. Students are highly encouraged to bring reusable water bottles and fill their bottles with ice water regularly. Laundry machines are also available in each dormitory, with washers and dryers. Past rates have been $1/wash and $0.75/dry. WiFi is available throughout the dormitory.

The university is committed to providing a healthy, smoke-free environment for students, faculty and staff. Accordingly, no smoking or vaping is permitted in student rooms or inside buildings, including lounges and balconies.


Most meals will be in the on-campus dining hall. The dining hall offers a wide selection of food, accommodating a variety of diets - including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, halal, and specific food allergies.

Note: Summer Springboard's program takes place in Los Angeles on the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) campus. It is not run by UCLA and they are not responsible for the Summer Springboard program in any way.

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