Summer Springboard program for high school students on the campus of UCLA

Campus Overview

Did you know that the U.S. News & World Report ranked the University of California, Los Angeles 1st among public universities and 20th overall among national universities? Its premiere location and elite academic status creates a fun and supportive environment for Summer Springboard students to learn and grow.

Students will dive deep into a specific subject area with creative, dynamic instructors, engaging professors, and professional experts. Experience Santa Monica Pier, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Six Flags Magic Mountain, as well as educational field trips to organizations working in your academic field.

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June 26, 2022 July 8, 2022

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Los Angeles, CA


Academic Courses

At Summer Springboard we believe learning should be inspiring and interactive. We have worked hard to design courses, field trips and guest lectures that reflect the resources of the Los Angeles area. Whenever possible, classes are held outdoors, on-site or in a lab-type setting to allow students as many ’hands on’ opportunities as possible. Field trips and guest speakers take the learning experience beyond the classroom and leverage all that Los Angeles has to offer.

In addition to our academic morning courses, students spend the afternoon either in electives (i.e. Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Athletics, College Prep and Photography) or doing our True You program which explores elements of one's real self including strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

Aerospace Engineering

Our Aerospace Engineering program offers students the chance to understand the physics and dynamics of air and spacecraft using basic orbital mechanics. Students will participate in hands-on design challenges, ultimately building and launching their own glider or rocket.

Guest Speakers and Excursions: Students will visit a local aerospace engineering company in the L.A. area as well as have a guest speaker from Blue Origin, the company founded by Jeff Bezos. Students will also participate in a STEM field trip at iFly, where in addition to learning about the science of flying in wind tunnels, students will have the opportunity to “fly” in their indoor parachuting center.

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Emergency Medicine

students performing CPR on dummies

Our summer medical program for high school students gives you a 360 degree view of the medical and healthcare field, as well as immersive learning through hands-on projects and simulations.

Excursions in Los Angeles – Students will get the unique opportunity to hop on board and learn how things really operate in the back of an ambulance. In addition, they will get behind-the-scenes access to a hospital ward room, emergency or intensive care unit room, operating room or procedural training room at a state-of-the-art simulation center in Los Angeles.

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Business & Entrepreneurship

students on university campus

Students will learn firsthand from business veterans about starting and running a business. Over the course of the program, they will develop a plan for a new venture and pitch their idea to real world investors. Along the way, meet with leaders from different areas of business and finance.

Excursions in Los Angeles – Visit multiple companies and meet with a range of business people, from small business owners and mid-level managers to high-ranking executives.

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chris-murray-YvPxyGzaFJ4-unsplash (1)

This course focuses on the fundamental elements of visual storytelling that enables students to direct their own projects. Whether you have little experience, or are a Steven Spielberg in the making, gain experience in the entertainment capital of the world. Over the course of this two week program, students spend 3 hours each morning doing in-class instruction, and some afternoons doing “on-set” (on campus) production so as to convert theory from the morning into practice and real experience utilizing free time in afternoons to complete their field. On the last day, students will get the opportunity to present their short film (5-15 minutes).

Excursions in Los Angeles – may include a visit to Warner Brothers studio or another film studio, production facility or a motion picture business in LA.

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Psychology & Neuroscience

Artificial intelligence, processing neurological data, brain

Through psychology simulations and hands-on neurology workshops, you will explore the relationships between the brain and human behavior. Whether you are interested in the physical aspect of the brain and central nervous system or more intrigued by human behavior and thought processes, connect with professionals that have a background in both psychology and neuroscience. 

Excursions in Los Angeles – Students will visit local medical and research facilities in Los Angeles.

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English for Speakers of Other Languages

diverse group of students sitting outside

Imagine learning English, living with other American teens, and discovering all that sunny California has to offer! 

The ability to speak English is fundamental for real-life success wherever you are from. More than grammar, reading and writing, this program will integrate English language learning with topics in cross-cultural understanding and key global issues while giving you the confidence needed to communicate in English in any situation. Students will not only learn inside the classroom with a knowledgable instructor, but also outside the classroom with new American friends!

Excursions at UCLA – Students will have an opportunity to put their English skills to the test with excursions to Los Angeles, Six Flags, and businesses on visits alongside other courses.

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Criminal & Forensic Science

Forensics is a field focused on the scientific gathering and analysis of evidence that can ultimately be utilized in the legal field. Although there are many types of forensics (accounting, psychiatry), this course will concentrate on crime scene investigations and lab science. Whether students are curious about doing crime scene investigations or want to be a forensic pathologist, this course will help them sharpen their investigative and observational skills and review a range of scientific concepts.

Course Excursions and Speakers: Students will have the opportunity to visit a local crime lab and speak to both scientists and crime scene investigators.

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Activities & Trips

The lively city of L.A. is at your fingertips! Bordered by iconic neighborhoods — Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood — Los Angeles is a crossroads of cultures and experiences. The beach, Six Flags, and Hollywood are a short drive away too!

  • Hollywood
  • Santa Monica Pier

Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory

What could be a better place to observe the Hollywood Sign than at the famous Griffith Observatory? Perched atop a high hillside overlooking all of Los Angeles, there are few more spectacular views to be found in the city.

Santa Monica Pier

When one thinks of L.A., the beach and Santa Monica pier comes to mind. Santa Monica Pier offers a full service amusement park, combined with plenty of restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops, as well as an entertaining arcade with more than 200 games.

Knott's Berry Farm

At Knott’s, fun is always in season, with dozens of thrilling rides, shows, and attractions in four themed areas inspired by the history and culture of California. A day at Knott’s Berry Farm means taking on mammoth roller coasters, Old West adventures in the authentic 1800’s Ghost Town, paying tribute to California’s Hispanic roots in Fiesta Village, experiencing the Southern California beach lifestyle along the Boardwalk, and going on a High Sierras adventure with the world’s most loveable beagle – Snoopy!

Track-Specific Excursions

Each academic program may also take subject matter specific excursions to help round out the student experience.

Student Life

Your home with Summer Springboard @ UCLA will be actual university dormitories located on the edge of this vibrant and beautiful campus.

  • Santa Monica Pier at night
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain


Just like a college student at UCLA, students share a dorm room with roommates and use a common bathroom. Floors are gender-segregated and rooms contain an extra-long twin size bed, desks, drawers, mirror and a closet.

Your Resident Advisor (RA) will live on your hall to create a community, provide support, plan activities and help you get the most out of your stay at UCLA. Other members of the Summer Springboard staff also live on campus and are available to support students and tackle emergencies, 24 hours a day.


All dormitories have 24-hour security and uses electronic keys to enter each building and dorm room. University security is on 24-hour patrol and available to any student that may need assistance during the UCLA summer program for high school students.


Your dormitory is part of a complex of buildings around a courtyard. Each building has laundry facilities, lounges and high speed wireless internet throughout.

The university is committed to providing a healthy, smoke-free environment for students, faculty and staff. Accordingly, no smoking is permitted in student rooms or inside buildings, including lounges and balconies.


Most meals on campus will be at the local dining hall, conveniently located near our dormitory. We can accommodate diets such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, halal, or specific food allergies.

Note: The program takes place in Los Angeles at the conference and training center on the University of California Los Angeles campus (UCLA). It is not run by UCLA and they are not responsible for the Summer Springboard program in any way.

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