Media & Design Track

Media and design are crucial elements everywhere we look – the ad copy we read in a magazine, the visual effects in the top box office movie, and more. In these courses, an emphasis is placed on craft, imagination, invention and the use of techniques and devices.

Courses in this Track

Architecture Course

Architect drafting blueprint
The Summer Springboard architecture course for high school students introduces architectural ideas, design principles, and methods of exploring problems of the built environment in a collaborative studio setting. While working on a design project you will learn about the academic path to an architectural degree, the day-to-day work of an architect, and the career opportunities.

Campuses with Architecture

Drone Cinematography Course

flying drones
The drone market is changing and growing at a rapid pace. During this program, you will gain experience with actual flight operations and maneuverability in an open field, as well as discover the impact drones are having on film. With the technical capabilities and high quality of video, drones are an excellent tool for filming and taking video. Each student will have access to their own Tello, a mini drone that makes flying fun and easy.

Campuses with Drone Cinematography

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