Tuition Payment Dates:

For applications submitted before March 10 payments are due:

  • March 10: 33% of balance
  • April 10: 33% of balance
  • May 10: remaining balance

For applications submitted after March 10, payments are due:

  • April 10: 50% of balance
  • May 10: remaining balance

For applications submitted after May 10, payments are due within 48 hours. If tuition was rolled over from a previous year program, 100% payment is due on March 10.

Late payments received after May 10th will incur a $150 late fee (this is not applicable to applications received after May 10th). If full payment is not received by June 1st SSB may at its discretion cancel the application / enrollment without refund

SSB Refund Policy: 

  • All payments are subject to the conditions of our refund policy on the date payment is received. SSB may at any time update these Terms and Conditions, and post public posting these updated Terms and Conditions shall be immediately effective for new enrollments post this date.
  • If SSB is not able to grant program acceptance for medical, behavioral, academic, or other substantial reasons, everything but the application fee is refundable. The application fee is never refundable or transferable.
  • If a student cancels an application or enrollment prior to the start date of the program, the following deadlines and refund percentages apply:
    • For in-person programs
      • Cancellation Date before March 1: 100% of tuition is refundable, except the $99 application fee
      • Between March 2 – April 1: All tuition is refundable (except deposit and application fee). Option to roll over 100% of monies paid as credit for a future year.
      • Between April 2 – May 1: 75% of tuition is refundable (except deposit and application fee). Option to roll over 100% of monies paid as credit for future year. No fee to change programs (course, location, sessions).
      • After May 1: 25% of tuition is refundable (except deposit and application fee). Option to roll over 75% of monies paid as credit for future year. $300 fee to change programs (course, location, sessions).
      • After June 1: 0% refundable and 0% transferable to a future year. $500 change fee (course, location, sessions).
    • For online programs
      • More than 60 days prior to program start: 100% refund
      • More than 30 days prior to program start: 50% refund
      • Less than 30 days prior to program start: 0% refund
  • After the start of a program, there will be no refund if a student leaves the program, independent of whether the student leaves due to personal reasons or a breach of the code of conduct. A student who leaves the program prior to the end date will not be permitted to re-join the program.
  • Tuition credit from previous years is not refundable. If a family cancels the program, any tuition credits from previous years will be forfeited.
  • Should SSB (rather than the student) cancel the program the following refunds will apply:
    • Cancellation due to reasons other than Force Majeure: 100% of the tuition
    • Cancellation due to Force Majeure (an uncontrollable event outside Terra’s control such as: flood, drought, earthquake or other natural disaster, epidemic or pandemic, terrorist attack, civil war, civil commotion or similar major safety concern, legal or policy actions by government or public authority that significantly impair program operations, act of God): 100% program credit in lieu of a refund.
      • Where possible, SSB will strive to, and reserves the right to make suitable adaptive changes, rather than to outright cancel a program.  Alternatively, SSB reserves the right to substitute the program with another program option of the same program theme.
      • In the case of COVID or similar events where safe program delivery is possible only with social distancing measures, SSB may need to add a ‘social distancing’ or COVID-19 testing surcharge to cover significant additional costs associated with changes to program elements such as dorming or transportation.

Items not covered by tuition:

  • Airfare and airport taxes (if required)
  • Passport/visa to the country (if required)
  • Transport to/from campus (available as a supplement)
  • Health insurance


Program tuition includes emergency evacuation and secondary medical insurance for students participating on programs on non-US campuses, subject to the campus not being in the students’ home country (e.g., a UK student participating on the Oxford program will not be eligible under this insurance).  

In order to protect the program investment, SSB recommends that students purchase either the pre-program tuition protection plan, or obtain separate additional travel insurance.  If so, we recommend Battleface, a reputable provider with years of strong customer reviews and a reputation for good customer service.

Required Documents:

Participation in the program is contingent on both the participant and a legal guardian signing and agreeing to: Code of Conduct, Waiver, Medical Consent form, COVID-19 Informed Consent, and any other documentation that may become required. Program participation will not be permitted unless all requested documents are signed and returned. SSB reserves the right to cancel any applicants or deny participation of any enrolled students and retain the deposit and any additional funds paid if the requested documentation is not signed and returned in a timely manner.

For campus-based programs, it is the student’s responsibility to inquire about and obtain all necessary documents, such as medical forms, vaccination records, proof of health insurance, and – if applicable – passports and visas with appropriate expiration date. Failure to obtain the necessary documents, which may hinder participation in the program, does not constitute grounds for withdrawal with refund.                                                        

For students who enroll before April 25th, all pre-departure documents are due by May 1st.  For students who apply after April 25, pre-departure documents are due within 7 days of acceptance into the program. 

A late fee of $50 will be assessed if pre-departure documents are not complete by the due date.

Email and Text Message Communication:

We will communicate with families by email and text messages in order to facilitate the timely collection of all required pre-departure documents, provide notifications of changes/cancellations, emergency alerts, safety information, and coordinate drop-off and pick-up times.  The frequency of such messages will be limited to what is required for successful pre-program coordination.

By signing these terms you are providing consent to receive emails and text messages from SSB for program coordination purposes.  You can opt out of receiving emails and text messages at any point in time.  To do so for text messaging, simply reply “STOP” to any text message, or notify us in writing.  Once you opt out, you will not receive logistical, emergency, or other information through text.

Phone numbers provided will only be used for program-related communications and will not be shared with third parties for promotional or other purposes.  SSB is not responsible for missed messages, delivery failures, or any consequences.

Essential Eligibility Criteria:

At Summer Springboard, we welcome age-eligible teens who are interested in in exploring an academic major and career, learn about college life, and actively participate in our programs. The eligibility criteria below are not intended to be exclusionary, but to identify the core requirements for participation, with the goal of a safe and meaningful experience for all students.

All applications are carefully considered and screened to align with these criteria. Based on initial answers provided, SSB may require additional supporting information or documentation to complete the application screening process. In such cases, we require truthful and timely support from parents and/or medical professionals. Failure to provide such support may result in the application not being accepted. Similarly, incomplete or faulty disclosure may result in removal from the program. Please discuss with our team any further clarification or concerns. 

  • Students need to have the will and mental capacity to actively and constructively engage in class, the will and physical capacity to participate in activities outside of class, and the will and inter-personal skills to study and live together with student peers.  Their ability to absorb this experience must be ensured in spite of the unfamiliar and potentially stressful environment, and potentially significant levels of ambivalence and ambiguity. 
  • Students need to be able to maintain a reasonable level of situational awareness appropriate to circumstances and exercise sound judgment regardless of direct supervision. 
  • If help is needed, students must have the ability and will to proactively communicate with SSB to help solving problems.
  • Students must have the ability to independently manage daily personal care, including self-administering & self-managing personal medications or treatments, including mental health and self-care while away from home support systems or regularly scheduled professional treatment plans.
  • Students experiencing – or with a history of – chronic illnesses, acute psychiatric conditions, behavioral issues, or some types of disability may require additional screening to determine suitability.  For example, it may be required that additional details are disclosed, medical specialists sign off, and/or that independent stability is demonstrated consistently for 12 months leading up to the program start date. 
  • Students need to be able to walk/transport themselves unassisted distances over 1 mile, and be able to lift items weighing 40 pounds. In consultation with program staff and parents, participants may on select programs opt out of certain activities if needed.
  • Students need to be able to follow detailed instructions in English to avoid hazards. 
  • Where such arrival/departure options are chosen, students must be willing and able to independently travel between home and the destination airport. (pick-up, drop-off, unaccompanied minor services may be available)

Students need to agree and follow the SSB Code of Conduct, abide by local laws, and comply with recommended preventive measures presented by SSB staff recognizing risks and hazards. Violations of the Code of Conduct typically result in immediate expulsion from the program, however in case of lesser infringements a verbal warning or written contract may precede expulsion when deemed appropriate by Program Staff. In the case of expulsion, the student will be sent home on the next available flight at the expense of the student’s parents or legal guardians, even if there is only one day remaining in the program.