Medicine & Healthcare Track

Considering a career in medicine or healthcare? It’s a major decision that can influence the next four to twelve years of your life. These courses give you a 360 degree view of the medical and healthcare field, as well as immersive learning through hands-on projects and simulations.

Courses in this Track

Biology & Medicine Course

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This biology and medicine summer program for teens is an exploration of human physiology and disease, including medical terminology and activity-centered learning about the structure and function of major organ systems.

Campuses with Biology & Medicine

Biotechnology Course

woman in biotechnology lab
Are you interested in medicine, science, and technology? Is you goal to create a life-saving drug? This is a unique opportunity for high school students to gain real exposure and work in a biotechnology lab utilizing state-of-the-art equipment.

Campuses with Biotechnology

Emergency Medicine Course

students performing CPR on dummies
Spend the first week learning basic medical skills and getting training on how to handle situations when medical care is not immediately available. The second week focuses on being a detective doctor. In small groups, you will be required to research a simulated patient’s history and symptoms, create a diagnosis based on your findings, and develop a treatment plan.

Campuses with Emergency Medicine

Psychology & Neuroscience Course

Artificial intelligence, processing neurological data, brain
Through psychology simulations and hands-on neurology workshops, you will explore the relationships between the brain and human behavior. In addition, connect with professionals in a range of careers that utilize a background in psychology and neuroscience. This insight helps students reflect on which areas within this specific medical field would be a good fit for them.

Campuses with Psychology & Neuroscience

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