Summer Springboard offers courses in several different disciplines on campuses spanning from California to New York. See below to download the infosheet PDF for your campus or course of interest.

We encourage students to apply as soon as they know which academic program they are interested in so that they can get their first choice of program. Student applications are reviewed as they are submitted. Once a program fills, then we will add students to a wait list.

*Campuses and courses are listed in alphabetical order

Campus Infosheets

Campus infosheets provide an overview of each campus, as well the specific courses offered at each location.



New York

UC Berkeley


San Diego


Course Infosheets

Course infosheets highlight the details of each course, as well the specific campuses where the course is offered.

On-Campus Courses:

On-campus courses take place at a specific University location.

Aerospace Engineering



Business & Entrepreneurship

Computer Science

Criminal & Forensic Science

Drone Cinematography

Emergency Medicine

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Environmental Studies


Finance & Investing

Fundamentals of Engineering @ MIT

Global Health


Politics & Public Policy

Psychology and Neuroscience

Social Justice

Trial Law

Writing for College

Middle School Medicine

Middle School STEAM

Campus Hybrid Courses:

Hybrid courses take place at a University location, the courses will take place online from 9am – 12pm.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Hybrid

Digital Marketing Hybrid

UI/UX Design Hybrid

Web Development Hybrid

Summer Immersion Academy (Virtual):

Summer Immersion Academy courses are 100% virtual and can be completed from any location.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Online

Business & Entrepreneurship Online

Computer Science Online

Digital Marketing Online

Emergency Medicine Online

Fundamentals of Engineering @ MIT Online

Psychology & Neuroscience Online

UI/UX Design Online

Web Development Online

Middle School Online Academy (Virtual):

Middle School Academy courses are 100% virtual and can be completed from any location.

Middle School Medicine Online

Middle School STEAM Online