Let’s answer some frequently asked questions on campus safety for Summer Springboard’s residential programs.

Young hispanic student smiling happy using laptop sitting on the grass at the university campus

Q. What level of supervision can I expect on a program? Is my student free to roam as he pleases?

A. Our programs are very structured, as we want to make the most of our time on campus! Students are expected to attend morning classes, eat together in the dining hall and be present for electives and evening programming (if they are residential). Staff are always present during activities. 

Students can employ the “buddy system” to explore the predetermined in-bounds zone on campus–this varies depending on location, but students will generally be able to access rec centers, coffee shops and other amenities during their free time.

Q. Is there a curfew?

A. Students will be in their rooms by 9:30 PM, and staff will do a “lights out” room check at around 10 PM. Leaving your room for reasons other than to use the restroom (where bathrooms are not en suite) or an emergency is a no-no.

Staff will routinely do rounds to make sure that students are not congregating in the hallways after lights out, and will always be accessible should you need them. We stay so busy and rise so early, you’ll appreciate the full eight hours of shut-eye! 

Q. My student has a tendency to wander and not follow instructions. What happens if they go out of bounds alone? 

A. Then this may not be the program for them. While we appreciate the importance of building independence, safety is our #1 priority and our campus boundaries are in place for a reason. Staff will speak with students during orientation and go over where students are free to explore, and where they must ask a staff member to accompany them.

Any student who does not follow these guidelines may be subject to dismissal. 

Q. What happens if there is an earthquake/monsoon/wildfire/other natural disaster?

A. Not too worry: SSB’s risk management department, in conjunction with our host campus, has a detailed evacuation and management plan for all types of emergencies. We will always keep parents/guardians in the loop should we need to utilize these plans. 

Q. What if a student gets sick or gets hurt? 

A. Unfortunately, illness sometimes happens. Staff will monitor students closely and be in touch with parents/guardians directly in the event that a student is not feeling well or is injured.

All campuses have medical care in close proximity and our RAs are CPR and first-aid certified.