Day 2 & 3 of Summer Springboard (Session 2):

Thunkable 2

UC Berkeley campus tour 1

UC Berkeley campus tour 2

UC Berkeley campus tour 3

UC Berkeley cafeteria

The True You

Fun & Games 1

Fun & Games 2

Student Quote:

“I picked Summer Springboard because of everything it has to offer such as touring medical facilities and all of the pre college programs. I am also looking forward to being on the Berkeley campus and experiencing the college lifestyle.”


  • Academic Tracks
    • We are honored to have acclaimed professional experts as the instructors for Summer Springboard.
    • From faculty at the Department of Emergency Medicine at University of California, San Francisco to the winner of the Henry Ford Teacher Innovator award and much more, these instructors will be providing students a deep dive of specific subject areas.
  • Computer Science Excursion – Thunkable
    • Thunkable enables anyone to create beautiful and powerful mobile apps with a drag and drop mobile app builder for iOS and Android.
    • The students brought their devices and got a special opportunity to actually code alongside the engineering team!
  • UC Berkeley Campus Tour
    • One of the highlights was the Campanile. Visible for miles, the Campanile is the third-tallest bell and clock-tower in the world, and an integral part of the campus experience.
  • The True You
    • A major part of what makes Summer Springboard different is The True You.
    • The purpose of the True You is to increase student’s self-awareness so they can make better decisions about college admissions, academic major and career paths.
  • Afternoon & Evening Activities
    • In between all of the academic and career exploration portions of Summer Springboard, students are enjoying the fun activities. A favorite was the blind lego contest!