Do you love detective work and are interested in solving crimes? Forensics is a field focused on the scientific gathering and analysis of evidence that can ultimately be utilized in the legal field. Although there are many types of forensics (accounting, psychiatry), this course will concentrate on crime scene investigations and lab science.

Whether students are curious about doing crime scene investigations or want to be a forensic pathologist, this course will help them sharpen their investigative and observational skills while reviewing a range of scientific concepts. Forensic science is one of the most up-and-coming fields to explore. Crime scene examiners, medical examiners and lab technicians are just a few of the career options for those interested in Forensics.

Learning Outcomes in this course

Designed to give students both theoretical and practical tools in the field of forensic science

Crime scene investigations and evidence, including fingerprints, trace (hair/fiber), blood spatter and DNA analysis

Using case studies, students will work in teams to solve crimes using newly acquired scientific and observational skills

Students will participate in a crime scene simulation

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