Roughly 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by our oceans, of which more than 80% remain unmapped, unobserved, and unexplored. There is a vast and diverse amount of marine life and ecosystems found in our oceans - those both discovered and researched, and those still wading in the depths. Summer Springboard's course in Marine Biology will offer students the opportunity to explore these various marine life and ecosystems, and more, through quality instruction and hands-on activities. Students will explore the anatomy of select marine life, learn about the different habitats they live in and the ways their ecosystems interact, study various threats facing our oceans and marine life today, and hear from leading experts in the field.

Learning Outcomes in this course

Study the ocean environment including the various types of marine ecosystems and diverse marine life found within.

Explore various marine vertebrates and invertebrates and their anatomy through hands-on dissections.

Learn about various human and natural factors threatening our oceans and marine life today, as well as current and prospective conservation efforts.

Meet with various professionals within the field to learn about the various paths and research opportunities you can pursue as a marine biologist.

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