Political Science is a multi-faceted field at the intersection of government, politics, economics, history and ethics. Students will explore a variety of exciting questions including, ”what makes someone an effective political leader?”, “How does our existing system of government create pathways for change?” and “how can I get involved in issues I care about?” The program focuses on a bottom-up approach to political science by exploring a variety of forms of political participation for students, local and state politics, as well as the role of the federal government.

Students will participate in a mock Senate debate, where they step into the shoes of a current, sitting US senator, write a bill and bring it back to the group to debate in committee and the floor of the senate.

Learning Outcomes in this course

Learn the fundamentals of Political Science as you explore the American legal system, dive into issues and dilemmas that are relevant today, and learn to explain political trends.

Explore present-day issues such as public policy, human rights, and governance structures.

Discover the impact social media has on political campaigns and movements.

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