Politics & Public Policy Course


Immerse yourself in the American political system as you draft legislation to represent your political goals. Use your power of persuasion to convince others of the value of your bill and move it from your committee to the Senate floor. Negotiate with other political parties and special interest groups that are attempting to change or derail your bill and ultimately, a debate and vote will decide if your legislation will become law.

Government plays a huge role in our daily choices, ranging from the amount of tax you pay for your morning bagel, to the types of medicines you’re allowed to purchase. Understanding the processes behind government work will allow you to work productively toward bringing about effective and lasting change. Learn from experts in the field about congressional campaigns, legislative priorities, and emerging national issues. Explore how America’s changing culture is impacting political movements.

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Learning Outcomes in this course

Stage a mock Presidential election and strategize a plan to secure your candidate's success or even campaign for votes as you run for President

Participate in a Senate simulation where you will champion your ideas and passions into legislation to become law, moving it from Committee to the Senate floor

Learn about the role political parties, public opinion, and special interest groups can have on shaping behavior and policies at the federal, state, and local levels

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