Whether you aspire to make your mark as a judge or take on cases as a public defender, SSB’s Trial Law program can be a great way to jump start your education in a variety of law-related fields!

Trial Law at Yale University is designed to help students get a taste of life in the courtroom and explore the many career paths within the judicial system.

Hands-On Learning Model

Visit the New Haven Superior Courthouse and observe real-life courtroom arraignments and proceedings. Master courtroom processes as you defend a challenging case from start to finish, mock trial style!

Research the evidence, craft and deliver your opening statement, prepare and cross-examine witnesses and craft your argument with support from your instructor. Learn by observing and doing every step of the way. 

World-Class Instruction

This program is led by instructor George Muksian, former criminal defense lawyer, prosecutor and law lecturer at Tufts University. He brings his expertise in the courtroom as well as his experience in higher education to our students.

Through lectures, discussions, and Q & A, Dr. Muksian and the rest of the instruction team impart a lifetime of knowledge and serve as invaluable resources for teens who are interested in learning more or getting a jump start to their studies. 

Campus Experience

Live and learn on campus at Yale University, home of one of the country’s most prestigious law schools.

Get a taste of what it feels like to live in student housing at an Ivy League school while exploring the beautiful facilities and enjoying the surrounding city of New Haven. 

Career Exploration

Interested in law but not sure exactly what profession is calling to you? This is a great place to start! Learn more about the field and start to imagine possible roles in the future.

You’ll get a deeper sense of your unique motivations and aptitudes and how they align with potential academic and career choices, to utilize when making big life decisions.

For more information on summer programs at Yale in Trial Law, click here or visit SummerSpringboard.com.