This time of year is very stressful for college-bound high school students. The anticipation of getting accepted into your dream college can make you feel quite a bit uneasy. Don’t worry though, your days of anxiety and stress in regard to your college applications are finally over! We’ve got you covered with some simple, yet effective tips that’ll make you feel much better.

It’s Done!

It may feel a bit uncomforting, but you’ve got to come to the conclusion that your applications are not in your hands anymore. All of your hard work is now on its way to colleges and universities around the nation. Be confident in your work and what you’ve accomplished! In the unfortunate case that you’re not accepted in your dream school, understand that it isn’t the end of the world!

If you get rejected, know that it doesn’t define who you are or your intelligence. Just because you don’t get accepted to a certain school doesn’t mean you aren’t capable. So don’t let rejection affect you that much and focus on the schools that do accept you. Choosing between universities is a whole other story, especially if they’re both reputable and prestigious schools. Being torn between colleges is another problem that should be addressed, but a good problem nonetheless. Ultimately, sending your college application should be weight off your shoulders because what’s done is done and it’s no longer hovering over your head.

Don’t Forget About School!

With your college apps out of the way, that’s one less distraction preventing you from doing well in school. While the majority of your high school career has been sent away to be examined, the remaining semester is just as important. It’s possible to get your future acceptance letter revoked if you don’t meet the required GPA by the end of your senior year. Don’t let that be you. While your senior year should be filled with fun events and outings, such as prom, academics should always be a priority. Instead of worrying about something you no longer have control over, put all your effort into making sure your grades don’t slip!

Keep Up With Remaining Deadlines!

Congrats, you just finished the majority portion of the college process! With that being said, there are still a few more steps before you’re absolutely finished. First and foremost, financial aid. FAFSA applications can be just as tricky as the college apps themselves so make sure you go through it carefully and complete it on time. Otherwise, you’re going to be paying full price for tuition. Who honestly want to do that?

The second deadline, if your preferred college allows a later date, would be your SATs! The more course material you know, the better you should do on your SAT/ACT exams. Therefore, it is encouraged to take it as late as possible, but still within the window of deadline so that you can maximize your knowledge for the test and get the best score possible.

The third deadline(s) you have to consider are any prerequisite placement tests required to determine the level of a certain subject you are allowed to take. For example, to prove your proficiency in Calculus, you might have to pass the Pre-Calculus placement test. All-in-all, do your research and talk to your counselors to develop a plan that knocks out those deadlines!

The bottom line is you’ve put a ton of work over your high school years into creating an impressive college application, it’s okay to give your mind a break! Keep in mind that rejection doesn’t mean the end of the world, keep your grades up for one more semester, and don’t miss out on any remaining deadlines. Following these essential steps will not only ease your college app anxiety, but ensure that you don’t have your future acceptance letters revoked.