As a teen, you may find that you are doubtful, unsure, or even afraid of a lot of things. Did I do well on my math test? Did I get a good score on my SATs? What am I doing after high school? These might be some of the questions weighing on your mind at this very moment. But, have you ever stopped to think that maybe not knowing is actually better?

  • Welcome Fear

The popular and instinctive course of action would be to avoid fear, rather than welcome it. However, fear is an interesting creature. It can be used as an obstacle, and prevent you from succeeding, or as a tool, that assists you in your journey to success. To make the most out of it, being afraid should be utilized as a motivation that pushes you to meet your goals – at all costs. If you’re scared of something, use it in a way that helps you achieve success. When you have learned to use fear to your advantage, you have truly embraced it.

  • Not Everything Goes As Planned

Instead of dwelling on uncertainty or fear and letting it paralyze you, take advantage of it productively. One outlook that you should have as a high school student is to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. It’s important to believe in yourself and trust that you did you best on your English quiz, but you should also have a plan in case you executed terribly. Maybe you’ve prepared to do some extra credit to improve your grade or a refined study plan for the next test as back up.

Another example would be your major in college. There’s a good chance many students will switch their majors more than once throughout their college career, and that’s okay. Making adjustments along your journey to success is perfectly fine. Let’s say through taking general education classes, you realized you would much rather be a journalist instead of a biologist. But, your fear of switching majors late into your college career and changing your plan is preventing you from doing so. First of all, there’s nothing wrong with pursuing your newly found passion, no matter how late in your college career. Second, if it’s really bothering you, then you should utilize that fear to get you through catch-up classes during the summer or online classes at community college.

  • Replace Fear of the Unknown With Curiosity

Life as a high school student has its moments of uncertainty. But, now is the best time in your life to take risks and make mistakes. Why? Because you’re still growing and figuring out who you are. You have plenty of time to learn from your shortcomings. When you make mistakes, you develop yourself and gain experience that will aid you throughout your whole life. Be curious and outgoing about trying new things. Don’t be afraid to: learn that new language you’ve been dying to learn; strike a conversation with that attractive girl or guy in your English class; apply for the internship that rejects everyone. Otherwise, you’re allowing your fears to take over and limit you. Take this time in your life to tackle new things and gain new experiences that help you discover who you are.

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