Aerospace Engineering Course


With companies like Boeing, SpaceX, Relativity Space, The Aerospace Corporation, Northrop Grumman, and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory - to name a few - located nearby, there's no better place to launch into the field of Aerospace Engineering than with Summer Springboard in Los Angeles this summer.

Ever wonder how a rocket works or how an aircraft stays airborne? What is actually needed to launch a person or satellite into space? Our Aerospace Engineering program on the campus of UCLA offers students the chance to understand the physics and dynamics of air and spacecraft using basic orbital mechanics. Students will participate in hands-on design challenges, ultimately building and launching their own glider or rocket.

Previous foundational knowledge in the following classes is either recommended (R) or strongly recommended (SR), but not required: algebra (R), geometry (R), trigonometry (SR), calculus (SR), and physics 1 and 2 (SR).

Learning Outcomes in this course

Learn the fundamentals of flight mechanics, aerodynamics, propulsion systems and aircraft design

Understand the key differences between aeronautical and astronautical engineering and use basic orbital mechanics using industry-standard software

Engage with professionals in the field about the latest advancements in aerospace engineering and flight technology

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