Environmental Studies Course


Interested in a “Green Career”? Our program in Environmental Studies offers an interdisciplinary look at issues pertaining to ecology and sustainability, without focusing on the scientific side. Focusing on how humans impact the environment, this course gives students the tools to gain a broader understanding of the growing number of issues that affect our environment.

Blessed with miles of coastline, students will also have the unique opportunity to study San Diego’s diverse coastal ecosystems. Showing various career paths, from environmental science to ecological agriculture, this course gives students a better understanding of where a green career can lead.

Learning Outcomes in this course

Gain an in-depth look at environmental issues that affect society today

Examine environmental issues from a political, scientific, economic, global and social perspective

Analyze the connection between the earth’s natural resources and the impact of human activities on them

Using case studies, investigate current environmental issues and possible solutions for resource conservation

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