This program incorporates all elements of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) in a comprehensive way for middle school students.

Students will learn a simplified C++ programming language in order to program an Arduino controller, which will power a RedBot vehicle chassis. Students will also use art to design the exterior of their car, and will utilize math, physics, and engineering concepts to calculate the car's average speed and energy, understand simple electrical circuits, and program the car to follow a line.

Middle School STEAM

Learning Outcomes in this course

Build and program a self-driving car that can drive backward, accelerate, follow lines, and avoid obstacles.

Use computer-assisted design (CAD) software to design both functional and fashionable parts of the car.

Explore digital electronics and physics kinematics circuits and use them to control currents and voltages.

Perform commands on Arduino, an open-source electronics platform, in order to program the robot.

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